August 31, 2009


April 3 2009: opening of first US Topshop store on
Broadway by Kate Moss & Sir Philip Green (below).

In my third A Little of What Lola Loves spot, I’d
like to share with you, my dear readers, Kate
Moss’s Fall/ Winter 2009 range which has just hit
Topshop stores! Here are a few campaign images.
What do you think? Do you see any must-haves?
Pieces that will go straight on e-bay at three
times the original price?!!

Green butterfly print dress

Grey stripe ribbed dress (torn tights not included!)

(L) Metallic jacquard bandeau dress
(R) Black studded dress

(L) Grey stripe blazer.Grey stripe jumper.
(R) Grey jacket-style cardigan.Leather pencil skirt.

(L) Black culotte jumpsuit. (R) Black caftan.

Brown faux-fur coat.

Here are some more images you might enjoy...

But, dear readers, what’s YOUR favorite
Kate Moss look? And, more importantly,
how might it look on YOU?

Well, to help solve this potential dilemma
and, since this is an Equal Opportunities
site, we’ve asked Messieurs Pitt, Newman,
Owen and Putin
(all hanging over there in
the sidebar) to model one exclusively for us!
And as they say in THE WIRE, "Y’all feel me?"



Dustjacket Attic said...

Mmm after having a good look over, I think I'll pick the butterfly dress or should I say long top ;)

Maggi said...

The butterfly dress for me too please! :D

londongirl said...

These pics made my day!love the collection & yrselection of other kate moss photos too! love yr blog-thats why i became afollower!

laterg8r said...

i like the butterfly dress but i'm no stick figure so it probably wouldn't look quite the same on me LOL!!! she's got style.


oh, girl! i already have the butterfly dress - my fave of faves!!!

Gigi said...

I'm chiming in as a fan of the butterfly dress! It would look godawful on me, but it's lovely. xoxo

Draffin Bears said...

Love the photos you have shared of Kate Moss. Thank you.
Seems like we all are loving the butterfly dress!

When my daughter was in London she picked up a LBD at Top Shop of Kate Moss's and it is such a sweet dress.

I hope that you are having a great week

charmedwishes said...

hello nora! thanks for visiting my blog. honestly, i don't like kate moss that much. i guess she does look interesting but i prefer letitia casta and adriana lima, i like they beauty much more. but of the clothes she is wearing, the Grey jacket-style cardigan is really cute.

trishiekoh said...

I like that Kate Moss isn't your "typical" beauty but yet manages to look so good. My fav look of hers is when she looks natural like she's just rolled out of bed but still looks fab. (don't you wish you could do that too? I do!)

French Fancy said...

This souds so bitchy but I don't mean it like that. I've seen Kate M quite a lot in the flesh and I've just go to say that she is very air-brushed in all her photos


cody said...

she's so gorgeous.
love your blog.
xx cody

Eva said...

kate moss isn't a classic beauty but still manages to look good. love your choice of images. in fact, love your blog - it's frankly the best!

The Haute-Shopper said...

Awesome images! I love the collection but would have to see it in-store (hopefully this weekend) to finallly decide if I want any of the pieces. Love that bandeau dress, although I think for everyday wear, I'll be looking for those knit-items.

Haha... love the way the Kate Moss look is being modeled on the sidebar by the way. Especially by Mr. Walrus ;-) Again, love your site and I'll be checking it frequently for sure!

ChloƩ said...

I ♥♥♥ Kate Moss!!
thanks for posting all the nice pics of her!

londongirl said...

just poppedback to say how much I <3 the walrus!!too cute!!

Eva said...

So with you all -the walrus is so cool!

Michelle said...

I actually like the very first dress...but only if they have it in my size which is, I'm sure, 10 sizes larger than Kate! LOL!


Michelle :) Hugs!

ModernMom said...

Oh I do think I would love to get my hands on that Butterfly dress!

So glad you came back to me:) I was afraid I had offended you some how!!
Bye for now!

Little Lovables said...

her kevyn aucoin shoot as the biba:

and the gypsy shoot...

are some of my fav kate pics

june said...

oh yes, i loove kate too.
her face is perfect.

thank you for commenting. <3


Jessica Cangiano said...

I have to admit I've never felt like I could relate to Kate Moss. Her style veers towards modern or slightly retro, whereas I favour vintage styles and those with scads of femininity to them (plus I've got more curves than a mountain pass and she's a modern-day Twiggy, so that's another element we don't have in common).

I like some Top Shop pieces I've seen elsewhere, but these just didn't do it for me. Sorry, Lola darling! That said, what I do always really dig is reading your posts and learning more about the things you and your PR adore! :)

Oodles of hugs, sweet dear,
♥ Jessica

Nora Johnson said...

Thank you everyone for all your great comments! And it looks as if KM's butterfly dress gets the most votes!