August 24, 2009



In this second A Little of What
Lola Loves (and Gets!) spot, I’d
like to share with you, my dear
readers, more of what I’ve got my
eye on in these latest Fall/Winter
2009 Catwalk Trends!
Which is YOUR favourite?

WILD 1980’S
Wow! Know anyone who really
looked like this? And as for the
Carmen Miranda hairpiece...

Eye-catching, no? Want to turn
heads at YOUR next cocktail party?
And speaking of heads, what
about that different colour top-knot?

Beautifully designed and executed
dress but what’s that on her head?
Swim cap or hairnet?

"Directional" tailoring! But also
inspiration for that old blanket in the attic?
(Vivienne Westwood)

Need to be very beautiful
very slim to carry this off! Grrh!
(Paul Smith)

Complete with trilby, denim and
boots! Just the ticket for that
shoot on the grouse moor?
(Marc Jacobs)

Beautiful design and finish set off
by the androgynous-looking model...
(Matthew Williamson)

Workwear? Er, no! But just love the
strategically-placed feather boa!

Well, dear readers, what do YOU think?

The cocktail dress is pawsitively perfect
(berry tones are so on-trend!) if a tad short!

The military look’s a bit too dour for my tastes
but I’ve got ideas now for that throw on the sofa...!

But, dear readers, what’s YOUR favorite trend?
And, more importantly, how might it look on YOU?

Well, to help solve this potential
dilemma and, since this is an Equal
Opportunities site, we’ve asked Messieurs Craig,

Putin and Pitt (all hanging over there in the
sidebar) to model one exclusively for us!
And as they say in THE WIRE, "Y’all feel me?"

See you Thursday for our trip to the white
villages of Andalucia!



Dustjacket Attic said...

Hi ya girls, love your post. I love the berry colour, may need it longer for moi. I like the tweed too, think it's kinda funky!

Looking forward to Thursdays post :)

londongirl said...

love the berrycolour dress & that coat! and the feather boa! ooh yes,make that Daniel & Brad too!!lol

JennyMac said...

My dearest apologies Miss Nora! You did tag me in a book meme. I have properly added you to the award list! :)Please come and visit. And wear one of your fave dresses.

Amanda said...

I'm looking forward to Thursday's visit, but fear I have nothing suitable to wear! I love the Dior dress sans headgear.

Heavenly Housewife said...

That first outfit reminds me of something Eddy from absolutely fabulous would wear :D. I am partial to the cocktail dress as well. I think i remember seeing a picture of Madonna wearing it. She added a pair of thigh high boots, which i personally thought made her look a little like puss in boots lol.
Love HH

Dustjacket Attic said...

Ah just saw it, you are way to kind, I'm tellin' you ... really!! I wish.

Amy said...

You make me laugh! Thank you!
I love the Matthew Williamson knits, beautiful and they might look good on, hard to say. The Dior print dress is so pretty. What's with the starnge headgear or hair do's on many of the models?! I love the color of the Vuitton cocktail dress but the bottom just looks like a very fancy diaper (sorry!) and thew Vivienne Westwood coat is such a pretty color but it reminds me of a luxurious Snuggie! And I'm sure the Marc Jacobs tweed coat is the same pattern that was on my mom's couch from her midtown apartment in the early '60's! I love looking at fashion!

laterg8r said...

i love the cocktail dress but no longer have anywhere to wear it (darn kidletts) ;)

Slices of Beauty... said...

Lovely tweed!

French Fancy said...

I bought a Paul Smith suit from Selfridges sale about ten years ago - I only ever wore it twice and now of course the jacket won't even meet in the middle :(

Anonymous said...

Love the tweed..thank you for your visit to my blog

Draffin Bears said...

I love them all, especially the Vuitton number, but would need to take out a mortgage to have an outfit like that!


Michelle said...

You know, Lola..I would go for the minimalist if I had the guts..and the body but I don't! Hehe! I'm afraid I will have to go fort the military style. There's a GENERAL inside of me waiting to get out these days!!

Lots of hugs to Nora and Lola!!


I'm still in love with cozy knits...I adore the cashmere Tze label....yummy! Fab weekend darling!


Oops! why am i still thinking of weekend hahaha!!!
Great week~

Tracey said...

Lola,,you make me laugh! I love the comment about the swim cap. How did you know that is exactly what I was thinking?? I like the cocktail dress the best but a little too short.. and it looks like that knot was glued to her head... you would have looked much better in any of these outfits. Your such a beauty!

Clarity said...

I quite like the print for some reason and the haircut.

The military style would work better with a skirt and a string of pearls.

I keep thinking back to 1990, oh for a time machine, dear dream.

Jessica Cangiano said...

Fashion-tastic post, Lola sugar-pie! I've never been one to follow trends in the least (not having the money to do so no doubt plays a part into that but, but the larger reason is that I like pieces have classic beauty and wardrobe staying power), but it's always fun when something you already like comes back into vogue. Tweeds would fall into this category for me, as would cocktail dresses.

Wonderful list, my darlings!

Oodles of hugs to you both!!!
♥ Jessica

Nora Johnson said...

Thank you everyone for your great comments; they are far more interesting - and funnier - than the post!


JamaGenie said...

Ah, the days when there was little enough of me to carry off the Military look! But I agree, it would work quite well with a skirt and pearls.

Everything else (except Coats, whatever that is) is just too...too NOT me.

Thanks you for your lovely comment at Sat's Child!


Heavenly Housewife said...

Dear Lola and Nora,
I'm hearing you about not being able to get your favorite treats in your new country. This is why whenever I go to Florida i end up pigging out like mad. So much stuff that i crave, the ice cream, certain chocolates, really good pizza (all stuff thats bad for you). I wish i only craved tea. Anyways, should you ever have a hard time finding your Yorkshire tea, be sure to email your favorite houswife, I'll be happy to send you some :D
Love and kisses

Iva said...

so fabulous Lola! you have such a great eye!

Anonymous said...

I love, love, love Vivienne Westwood and would take that blanket/coat in a heartbeat! And OMG, the Wire is hands down the greatest tv show of all time.