August 13, 2009


Lola: Well, you’ve had yet another siesta and here we are back for Part 2 of our interview! Now, where were we? Ah, yes! Talking about your highlights of 2009! Any others?

Me: Oh, yes, lots! You know how some people have roses named after them? Well, I’ve had a scent! Marc Jacobs has just named his latest scent, the follow-up to his last blockbuster "Daisy", after moi - "LOLA"! But where "Daisy" (inspired by his love of Daisy in The Great Gatsby) was in dear Marc’s own words "white and sweet and innocent", "Lola" is "warm, sexy — with reds and hot colours". Sooo spot on! Couldn’t have put it better myself! Ooh! The naughty man! Must have been spying on me in my boudoir to have found out so much about me! *wink* wink*

Lola: Any idea why he named it after you?

Me: That’s easy too! Marc said, " ‘Lola’ has always evoked that kind of seductive thing," referring to songs also named after me like Copacabana and Whatever Lola Wants (Lola Gets!)

Lola: And what about the smell?

Me: A little bit fruity, a lot floral, with a dash of vanilla and musk. Anyone who wears it, Marc says, will be a "sultry temptress"... like moi! Guaranteed!

Lola: Anything else?

Me: Ooh yes! I’m sooo thrilled! My psychological suspense thriller, in the sidebar over there (which my PA had the cheek to pass off as her own!) has sold lots of copies both in the UK and the U.S.A. - all the profits for CUDECA my favourite charity!

Lola: Any special likes or dislikes?

Me: Well, let me see. I love clothes, handbags, shoes, watches - I adore ALL FASHION! In fact, I’d love to show you a few pics now... Would you like to see them?

Lola: ‘Fraid not. Don’t have time now... you’ve got so many there! But why don’t you show me them another time, say next Monday? How about: A LITTLE OF WHAT LOLA LOVES (& LOLA GETS!) ... on Mondays? OK? Good. Now let’s move on to your dislikes...?

Me: Well, I know it’s supposed to be healthy but I detest green tea - always looks as if a couple of caterpillars have curled up and died in the cup!

Lola: Anything else?

Me: Pretentious, starchy, Michelin-style, white-gloved, silver service restaurants where waiters constantly hover over your table like pregnant mosquitoes! The amuse-bouches, the nibbles, the petits fours, the predesserts, the postdesserts, the just desserts. Ooh! It’s like fighting off canapés at a wedding reception!

Lola: You talked in the first part of our interview about that school you attended, Puppybaccalauréatacadémie. Can you tell us a bit more about it?

Me: Well, my dear blogpal, Jessica at CHRONICALLY VINTAGE summed it up sooo perfectly when she recently described it to me as the kind of educational institution where it’s perfectly alright to lunch solely on macaroons, bring a note excusing you from gym class because your Manolos gave you blisters over the weekend, and where Home-Economics was really more like a crash course on how to be a good sommelier! And, I’ll add, where Geography was all about the world’s hottest cities and best beaches, Chemistry about mixing up exquisite beauty lotions and potions and History exclusively about vintage fashion and trends! Dear Jessica, if you - and so many of my dear blogpals and readers too - had been there, we’d all have had a hell of a ball!

Lola: Do you believe in astrology?

Me: Oh, yes, I do the full-on chart casting whatsit. In fact, I adore astrology ’cos it only needs to be vague enough to cover all eventualities and gives you massive escape routes. You know, just blame everything not on your parents - but your planets! When I do something wrong (admittedly rarely!), what I say is "'Well, naturally, last night there was a penumbral lunar eclipse in conjunction with my Leo rising" or, if I’m being a bit less geeky, merely shrug my fabulous fur shoulders and say "I'm a Taurus - just can't say 'No’!''....

Lola: Some might say your LOLA LIFELINE COLUMN is a bit radical, excessive even. Are you trying to take on the UK Government Opposition’s job by becoming another GUIDO FAWKES or taking over from NIGHTJACK who’s just retired (well, forced to retire!)? And Lola! I mean, encouraging Alfie to become a CROOK...! How could you?

Me: Well, as for those two great bloggers, there’s simply no comparison! I’m sooo much more BEAUTIFUL! And, as for Alfie, don’t you see? That’s all part of the strategy! If I’d said, "No, Alfie, you mustn’t do this, you must do that", he’d have rebelled like any youngster his age. After all, he’s simply going through a phase! But now he’s had time to reflect, he’s changed his mind and has gone right off the idea of becoming a crook. And is putting his best paw forward with other plans. But more about those in my next Lifeline Column!

Lola: Fine, OK! Now tell me one thing we don’t know about you.

Me: I ADORE frogs! Did you know I’ve got a pet frog called Kermit who talks to me? Here’s his pic:

Lola: Final question. Who‘s the hottest celebrity?
Me: Oh, you mean, after me? Well, Brad comes pretty close!

Lola: Well, thanks for the interview. That was really, well, illuminating! But before you go, I understand you’re to pass on this tag to 15 NEW BLOGGERS!

Me: Ooh, that’s sooo difficult! They’re all sooo wonderful. Just 15, you say? Well, here they are:

And those were even more doggedly tough questions you asked! But all these deeply profound thoughts have made me sooo sleepy... where’s my basket? But help yourself to one or two cupcakes on your way out. And please shut the door otherwise that useless PA of mine will be sure to be in here again tampering with everything. Of course, you do know she can’t spell, don't you? If it wasn’t for my editing, these posts she types up for me would be full of really bad spelljng mistakes.

For instance, did you see that letter of complaint she just wrote to our local water company? No? Well, here it is:


Me: And don't forget to take one of these cupcakes:

Grrrh! Grrrh! Grrh! Agh! Agh! Agh! Grrh! Grrh! Grrh!
Agh! Agh! Agh! Grrh! Grrh! Grrh!




londongirl said...

this isone of the funniest posts ive ever read- EVER!! lol

lola is so cute & sharp!she oughttohave her own talk (bark)show-she'ssharper then oprah or jon stewart!! :D

cant wait till monday -more lola EVERY dayplease!

Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh I loved your post dear Lola! Finding out more about you and your PA ... (oh dear, persevere dear lola) ... all the time!

I'm finding it hard to think about anything at the moment, because the last two pictures have stunned me a little ......
ps I must try your new perfume!

Heavenly Housewife said...

Dear Lola,
I was looking at a magazine today and saw that perfume for the first time. I can see why MJ decided to use you as his muse, you are without a doubt an aspirational creature!
I also hate green tea. My grandmother has tried to get me to drink it, but it has the most horrible aftertaste. Totally agree about the waiters. I like to eat in peace so I feel like i can eat as much as i want.
Enjoy your siesta,
*kisses* HH

Lola said...

This is too much: I'M A TAUREAN TOO!

Lola Perfume by Marc Jacobs here I come...

(thank you for the tag. Can't promise I'll be able to run it through any time soon... forgive me)

laterg8r said...

lola, love the post - i am a taurus too and know how difficult others can be ;)

having a clueless moment and cannot see the tag - HELP, is there a picture for it?

ps - excuse your PA, Brad is too delish for her to pass up!

Maggi said...

Your perfume sounds fabulous dearest Lola! Thank you for letting us share in your adventures!

Slices of Beauty... said...

Beautiful post and thanks for the tag!

Lovely pic of Oprah.

Lemon Shortbread said...

lol michelin-style! I've always wondered what tyres have to do with food. Anyhow the green tea does look like caterpillars, maybe kermit can replace that - minus the hot water of course. it'll be so much cuter!

Duchess of Tea said...

Darling Nora & Lola, my Dame & Damette, I just finished reading the last few posts you have, I now know so much about you, it is scary!! I love the Lola perfume, I think I will turn it into an award for my favorite Damette!!

Duchess xx

Amanda said...

Dear Lola
Gorgeous once again! And thanks for the tag - although my life is so tame in comparison to yours! I'll do my best to make it sound remotely interesting!

NicNacManiac said...

You make me laugh out loud!! I love your new perfume and I did not know that all of these years I've been singing songs about you!! I feel closer to you now!!

Have a fabulous evening!! xOxO Nerina

Toothfairynotes said...

let's try your new parfume! :P


Iva said...

wow wow WOW!!! fabulous interview Lola! AGAIN! as always! I am HONORED to be tagged! WOW!! I hope you are having one seriously awesome day Lola!


I want to sniff the new fabulous perfume now! You are such a fragrance darling!! Thank you for the tag~


Draffin Bears said...

Dear Lola,

What a fun post and loved finding out more about you.
Lovely photos you shared, and fancy having a perfume in your honour.
I love Marc Jacobs designs, and will have to go and have a sniff of the new fragrance.
Green tea, I thought when I first started drinking it was not nice and now I like it.
I have a cup every lunchtime.

thanks for tagging me to play and I will do it in a few days time.



Jessica Cangiano said...

Lola darrrrrrrrrrling, though I realize you cannot see me - the rather hefty Atlantic ocean separating us - I assure that my cheeks are aflame in a rosy blush from your wonderful kindness is quoting my comment and carrying with its theme. As always you are a true princess amongst pups, thank you (and your wonderful - come on, admit it, you secretly think she's wonderful - PA Nora) so very much.

Massive hugs to you both!
♥ Jessica

Michelle said...

Oh Lola...another great interview!! But green tea is excellent for you. ;) Oh and I disagree with you on Brad....I still love Clive. ;)

Thank you for the wonderful entertainment as always!!!


Michelle :)

French Fancy said...

From a dreamy Piscean to a down to earth Taurean - how fabulous to have this special perfume - lucky lady!

Snowbrush said...

I'll pass on the cupcakes, but I sure did love the cartoons and the frog. I saw the photo you use to represent your blog on another blog, and I thought, "Hey, I know someone this lady might enjoy." Here she is:

MissRedLips said...

ohhh lola, congrats on the new scent! i think it smells divine!

Clarity said...

Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets :)
Songs AND perfumes....

Thank you for leaving me this sweet thought - how can I match up to that smorgasbord? xx

GypsyFox The Glamorous Betty Crocker said...

I adore this post! I was laughing out loud throughout! great idea, so creative! thanks for the feature dear! have a FAB day!