August 22, 2009


Those of my dear readers who want to escape
the British winter (oops! Summer!) and are
looking for some last-minute beachwear tips
to cope with temperatures hotter than
Madonna’s home videos might find some
inspiration from the Sydney Fashion
Festival that opened last Wednesday! What
do you think? Should you shop early to avoid
the thong, er, throng??

Seafolly displayed a range of asymmetric
one-pieces with chiffon headbands...
What's your take? Is this

and graphic-style prints in bright blue...

and one-pieces with cut-out details
in bold, bold colors!

and fringing, a key trend this Fall, in this
bandeau bikini...

plus the one-shoulder look! Wow!

And here’s something for my
vintage-loving blogpals and readers:
a retro-halter playsuit (Fenwicks
of London
) plus a
one-piece! (Autograph)

and another style too! (Burberry, left)

But what about the Bond-style
belted bikini look? How do you
think this style would look on YOU?

Grrrh! Grrrh! Grrh! Agh! Agh! Agh!
Grrh! Grrh! Grrh! Agh! Agh! Agh!!
No, I mean THIS Bond!!
(Melissa Odabash)
But if the British winter (oops! weather)
should brrrh! follow you, better pack this too...

(All Hobbs)

Well, what do you think? Which is your
favourite? Did any style tick any boxes for YOU?

Many thanks for your comments, visits
and follower links this week! See you
Monday for my WHAT LOLA LOVES spot!
(And a bit more outrage...)


Credits: AFP


Anonymous said...

Sorry, I just had to get up off the floor after falling from my funny....the vintage would adorn my good self.....

londongirl said...

so funny -had to pick myself up from the ground too!! lol

like the fringe number myself butmaybe in a different colour!

Dustjacket Attic said...

Yeah so did I ... up again. That darn Daniel, yummy!

Totally gorgeous swimsuits my dear, not sure which I'd pick, If I was six foot and built like the model, maybe that beautiful orange ruffled one, so pretty.

Have a lovely weekend my darling Lola and Nora,

ps love the winter sidebar pics!

Heavenly Housewife said...

When it comes to swimsuits i tend to go for the more demure. I think I would go for the grey seafolly suit. I think i could pull off the whole headband thing, but I am not sure how that asymmetrical ruffle would look on me.
Have a wonderful weekend daaaaaahling *kisses*.

NicNacManiac said...

Oh my gosh....

Love the off the shoulder number and I would so go for the headbands cause you could rip them off at any second and cover-up!!

Have a fantastic weekend you two!!

Maggi said...

I'll have to wait until they design a suit for a more...uh...voluptuous type figure for I pick one. lol

laterg8r said...

wouldn't be wearing a bandeau bikini - they are not kind to the "girls" LOL

would love to snuggle up with daniel though :D

Anonymous said...

Definitely Daniel. Doesn't matter what he's wearing. Doesn't matter what I'm wearing. Just bring me Daniel!!!

JamaGenie said...

If I were built like those models at the top, all I'd want for "beach wear" would be Daniel Craig. ;D

Have a great weekend!


hmmmm....hard to "see" anything with that deep voice crooning begging for me to come on over and lay lady lay on his big brass bed - don't know i'd need a lot of fashion flair for that - but, ....sorry, i digress - choices choices - what's a girl to do!


Jessica Cangiano said...

Delightful array of swimwear, the navy and white suits have splendid vintage nautical vibe to them that really appeals to me (I hear you Lola, you're saying "naturally!" :D).

Oodles of hugs & joyful weekend wishes to both of you wonderful fashionistas!

♥ Jessica

Draffin Bears said...

All beautiful swimwear and such a funny post.
I have been working out lately so hopefully by Summer here, I may be on the lookout for a new bathing suit.
I like the vintage navy and white.

I hope that you are having a fabulous weekend.


Anonymous said...

Thanks once again for your comments......

ChloƩ said...

I love the one - shoulder look!
great photos!


French Fancy said...

How wonderful those bodies are - and to have that (ermuda) triangle at the top of the thighs is something that always evaded me, even when I used to be slim

French Fancy said...

I missed the B - but then you probably noticed :)

Selba said...

Nice swim wears but I think I would only fit on those classic one coz' I don't dare to show to much of my body, hehehe...

Iva said...

oh Lola! this suites! Such great taste, I hope you are having a marvelous weekend!

daylily777 said...

I love the asymmetric one piece , but the question is , Will it love me? All the suits are cute, if you have the bod to wear them. Definitely no thong for me. Thanks for the smile and thanks for joining in on my blog parties and leaving the sweet comments.8-)

Melissa said...

That Lola has such graet taste.

KC said...

Hmmm, this reminds me of a recent problem I have. When I shop I forget that I'm no longer 30, tall and slim. What do you wear when you are 57, tall and not as slim?

But to answer your question I love them all and wish I could still wear them.

Nora Johnson said...

Thank you everyone for all yr great comments!

Gingeyginge & LondonGirl ~ my sincere apologies for the DC distraction!
DJ ~ In the beautiful orange ruffled suit, dear DJ, I'm certain you'd look infinitely more glamorous than any of those models!
HH ~ With yr divine taste, dear HH, I'm certain you could pull off anything!
NNM ~ So with you about those headbands - they're so, well, handy!
Maggi ~ But dear Maggi, I read all the time it's more, uh, voluptuous figures that men admire! Laterg8r ~ Bandeau Out, Daniel In!
Pinklea ~ I trust PG Is aware of your, er, STRONG interest in DC?!
Jamagenie ~ Couldn't have put it more succinctly myself. And you'll notice, I didn't!!
Gypsywoman ~ Sorry if too many choices... lol!
JC ~ So with you about the navy & white suits, dear Jessica!
D Bears ~ Yes, the vintage navy & white gets everyone's vote! So classically stylish!
Chloe ~ Yes, the one-shoulder is fantastically eye-catching!
FF ~ Totally agree! That Bermuda Triangle is so elusive! Grrh!
Selba ~ Am absolutely certain you'd look lovely in any swimsuit!
Iva ~ Hope you’ve had a great weekend too!
Daylily777 ~ Thanks for your great comment! And loved all your parties!
Melissa ~ Why, thank you!
KC ~ Thank you for the lovely comment!


Henrietta Bird said...

Lola your bikini guide is indeed, practical, yet hilarious - but of course!

Inspired as ever by your good self and the ladies in your pictures, I am currently sporting a look eerily reminiscent of Axl Rose staggering out of an explosion in a paint factory.


Yours as ever

trishiekoh said...

i really like the asymmetric ones, though i'm thinking about the tan lines it's create...maybe not!
Great post, have a great week ahead.

Nora Johnson said...

HB ~ I'm trying with difficulty to visualise you from yr description but can't somehow get past the paint factory explosion bit...!xx

Trishiekoh ~ I'm certain you'd look fantastic in any swimsuit but you're quite right about those darn tan lines!xx

Draffin Bears said...

Great to see the followup on what people like and dislike in a swimsuit.
Thanks for sharing.


Michelle said...

Oh Lola...I'm sorry to say I am too afraid to put a bathing suit one! You, however will look darling in each one of these. :)