August 1, 2009



Well, my dear readers, the time has come to announce the winner of our true/false statement mini-meme! A moment I know you’ve all been waiting for since last Saturday’s July in Christmas Blog Party! I’ve allowed a whole week for comments 'cos at this time of year so many of my dear and loyal readers are to- and fro-ing on vacation and I wouldn’t want them to be disappointed and left out. Indeed, as it transpires, one dear reader left a lovely comment just the other day - while she was still doing the rounds of the Christmas Party Guest List!

But before we come to the ANNOUNCEMENT CEREMONY itself, let’s take a quick look at those statements and find out which one’s TRUE! Some 3 of you believe Nora’s related to Boris! Well, that’s quite understandable given all the waffle and drivel in the posts I allow her to publish and her general, bumbling ineptitude (always trying to sneak in one of her own hunky pics! Never again, mind you!). And 6 of you think she did a trainee stint at a tabloid:
Again, quite understandable given her atrocious overuse of exclamation marks and dreadful, bombastic exaggeration! But the rest of you believe she met and chatted with Paul Newman. And ,YOU, dear readers, are CORRECT and eligible for the random draw - as the SEPTEMBER 28 2008 tag (now artfully reinstated!) proves. Congratulations! Incidentally, if any dear reader survived the trek all the way back through the unkempt undergrowth of overblown writing to that post (hopefully fortified by numerous St Bernards and assorted hipflasks), he/she deserves a separate LOLA!

So, dear readers, we have the vast majority of you as potential winners! But before we come to the announcement of THE WINNER (who, you recall, should: 1. Accept the LOLA Award. 2. Post it on their blog together with my name and blog link. 3. Pass it on plus mini- meme), let’s set the scene and put ourselves in party mood, celebratory mood by attending an Awards Ceremony together! So, dear readers, settle back and relax as I take you on a little journey...

Firstly, welcome to the Auditorium and that Red Carpet...

Let’s walk up the famous staircase together...

Of course, in our finest couture AND jewelry (lent by Tiffany of Rodeo Drive)

Oh, look! Beautiful People are posing just for US...! There’s Helen Mirren and friend over there in red, Penelope Cruz in black
and Bjorn in, well, something white!

In fact, white seems to be everywhere...

Jennifer in Valentino, Penelope now in vintage Balmain (quick change of outfit!) and Anne Hathaway in Armani...

and Evan Rachel Wood in Elie Saab, Jessica Biel in Prada and another look at Penelope plus Sarah Jessica Parker. And how about a close up of Sarah Jessica in that Dior creation - our Best Supporting Dress nomination!

And sooo many designer outfits! Help! Hope nobody’s in the same outfit as ours, are they?!

Meryl in Alberta Ferretti, Tilda in Lanvin,

Keira in Vera Wang, Miley Cyrus in Zuhair Murad (a mermaid in, er, sequins?!!)...
Then there are all these couples dying to share Hollywood gossip with us:

Plus some gorgeous men too:

Daniel and Jack - after all, it wouldn’t be a party without Jack, would it?!...
Not to mention our Gorgeous George!

But, quick, let’s take our reserved seats 'cos the ceremony’s about to begin. Look, here’s Jon, our MC, welcoming us:

followed by lots of lovely film clips and announcements!

And now all these winners thanking US for their Awards!

Nicole in Galliano, Angelina in Elie Saab,

Julia in Valentino, Kate in YSL,

Gywneth in Ralph Lauren (ugh! Not so sure!), Cate in Armani (sooo elegant!)
But before we move on to the delicious meal specially prepared for us by Wolfgang Puck

in the Post-Awards Party Marquee,

let’s return to OUR second, bigger and, more importantly, EXCLUSIVE CEREMONY OF THE DAY!! - THE LOLA AWARD - and the moment you’ve all been waiting for. THE GRAND RANDOM DRAW BY P. Look, there’s his hairy, masculine hand just pulling the winning slip out of the champagne bucket at midnight, July 31st! And, dear readers, the winner of THE LOLA AWARD FOR SERVICES TO BLOGGING

is (deafening drumroll) ...


Congratulations, DustJacket! Pop over to pick up your prize!
And now back to that party and champagne all round!!!

Are you deaf?! You’re the most useless PA ever...Grrh! Grrh!"


Dustjacket Attic said...

Well I never .... I'm kind of exhasted after the party, what with chasing Clive around (among others)! But I'll stumble up and collect my award. Speech ..... CHEERS EVERYONE, THANKS LOLA AND NORA. You know what us Australian's are like, Cheers is our favorite word, good for all occasions.

Thank you darling :o

French Fancy said...

Well done to Dustjacket and Nora, how do you have the patience for all those photo uploads

Anwyay, my post about the bird is the weirdest thing. It was actually a copy of a message I left on Elizabeth in New York's blog - it just seemed to end up in my blog. It must be all the rain we've been having

Marie Antionette said...

Well congrats dustjacket,I hope you enjoyed all the gatherings of the stars in your honor.You deserve all the hoop.I know I did.XXOO Marie Antionette.Thanks Nora for the wonderful display.

laterg8r said...

cheers to dustjacket attic! wonderful mood setting - love the award ceremony pics :)

londongirl said...

congrats too dustjacket attic! but what a wonderful display-
so enjoyed the award ceremony- superb pics, gorgeous designer outfits. felt I was really there with daniel, jack and of course gorgeous george!

WONDERFUL! One of the most amazing posts Ive seen in a long time...
btw loved the champagne too xx

Clarity said...

Congrats Dustjacket attic, you must be stoked!

Lola, thanks for following, following you right back, xx

Anonymous said...

More congrats to Dustjacket Attic - and thank you for inviting us all to the afterparty! Sorry this won't be a longer comment - got a bit of a champagne hangover at the moment ... wait ... and somebody is in the bathroom? What the ... ? DANIEL??? Sorry - gotta go ...

Heavenly Housewife said...

Yay Moonspinner! If it wasn't me, I couldn't wish the award on anyone else *kisses*
Poor Byork, some people just don't seem to get it.

Karyn - (French Charming) said...

Congrats. to Moonspinner! That was some party and I loved seeing George...sigh!



Bubbly cheers to the winners!
i feel like rubbing clive's hairy chest for good luck! bahhh...

Michelle said...

Well Lola and Nora you can sure keep us in suspense! What a wonderful celebratory party and congrats to Dustjacket Attic!!! Oh can I have Clive instead of Champagne? Lol!


Lots of hugs!!


JamaGenie said...

I want to thank... (Sorry...never hurts to be prepared...) The winner is...Dustjacket! Yay! Applause, applause!

Lola, this was such a FUN party, even NOT winning feels like winning! In fact, I had more fun here than I ever did watching that OTHER awards ceremony!

Now where did Daniel Craig get to with the champagne...


Jessica Cangiano said...

Ooohhhh, huge congrats to Dustjacket, her blog is pure, splendid, enchanting wonder! Such a continual source of inspiration and joy here in the vast wilds of the internet.

I'm delighted to know I guess correctly, too :) This contest was a blast, my sweet blogging duo, I hope you put on another one some day. I'd love to be nominated for another Lola Award (because, let's face it, my chances at an Oscar are slim to none :D)

Thank you both so very much for all of your marvelous comments, hearing from you always puts a smile on my face!!

Have a beautiful week you darling gals!
♥ Jessica

Frieda Babbley said...

What a fantastic and exciting blog you have here. Quite entertaining. I've been missing out on all the fun. (I would have said Clive too, mind you). =D

I look forward to reading more posts!

And congratualations, Dustjacket Attic! Woohoo!

ModernMom said...

Congrats Dustjacket Attic!

Selba said...

Congratulation to Dustjacket Attic! Totally deserved for this award :)

Lemon Shortbread said...

lol Lola's getting hyper with all the celebs around. and I knew #1 was the answer!! Oh and don't worry about my tag, just take your time to do it!

Draffin Bears said...

Thank you so much for inviting me to the Party.
Congratulations Dustjacket Attic!
I will raise my glass of Champagne and say cheers to all!

I look forward to coming back again and thanks for dropping by my blog.
It was fun.


Lola said...

Ciao fellow Lola!
I read one of your comments on David's authorblog and I just had to come visit you.

Congratulations for hosting the Lola Award and to the winner, who I will go visit immediately. The fun in award posts is that you meet so many grat bloggers! Brava.

Lola xx

ModernMom said...

I'm back to tell you I FINALLY passed on your lovely Major award!
Thanks for the love! Mwah

Duchess of Tea said...

Damette Lola and Dear Nora, fantastic job, I am awestruck at the post and your imagination, talent and patience (it takes forever to load a photo lately) job well done, please take a short holiday to recoup!!

Duchess xx

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Nora,

Back again, and just to say that it is lovely to discover your fun blog and many thanks for being a follower of mine.
Lola is such a cutie.

Look forward to coming back, and you have a good week.


JennyMac said...

Excellent bash Lola. And DJ Attic derserves it as her site is fabulous. Congrats. Now, where else can I wear my gown?

trishiekoh said...

Congrats to dustjacket attic, she has a wonderful blog, so the award is well deserved.
Thanks, Lola and Nora for the invite, more champagne please!

Slices of Beauty... said...

Lovely party.
Congrats to Dustjacket Acctic ~ she is fab and deserves it.

Tessa said...

What a fantabulous Par-Tee! So sad I missed it, but what fun to browse through all the photographs of sheer deliciousness and style. The fluff and the frills, the coifs and the cleavages. Those men..oh swoon. Oh, and many congratulations to the winner Dustjacket Attic.

I popped over from your bloggy namesake ... what fun it's been!

Iva said...

WOW! Congratulation to Dustjacket Attic! Totally well deserved!

Michelle said...

Lola and Nora!

Hope you're having a lovely week so far. :)



GypsyFox The Glamorous Betty Crocker said...

congrats to the winners! they SO deserve it, what a great post dear!!!

Nora Johnson said...

Thanks so much everyone for your great comments, I think the Clive pic got the most votes! Thanks to all those visiting - I've been over to your place to say hello too. xx

Dustjacket Attic said...

Just laughing at your comment; look I cannot promise anything, but will trrryyy and be good this time :)

Hayley G said...

Just bloody brilliant Lola. Thanks for the laugh. Love it. Congrats Dustjacket!

Neha Varma said...