August 17, 2009



LOVES (AND GETS!) Monday spot, I’d
like to share with you what I’ve got
my eye on in these latest
Which is your favorite?

Or, rather, WADERS? (Prada)

Or 1980’s shop assistant?

(Comme des Garçons)

Worn with skinny bottom half to avoid

looking like, well, an armored tank!
Red & black the color mix of the season.
Back to Dynasty & Dallas maybe -
Flock of Seagulls hair optional!
(Marc Jacobs at Louis Vuitton)

Everywhere. Strong-shouldered

again & hour-glass (Lanvin)

The "I know what I want and I know
to get it!" or " **** me" dress! (Balmain)

Everywhere from Comme des

Garçons to (here) Alexander McQueen

Everywhere (Balenciaga)

Black leather and studs (Goth meets

biker wear?) everywhere too (YSL)

Well, what do you think? The boots look
good to me but do they come in my paw size?

Alfie would love the biker wear - just the
ticket to impress Tara on his Harley D!

Overall, though, my favorite’s the Drape
- always has been, ever since Armani
first appeared on the scene and I
managed to get a very small piece of
draped heaven in a super sale!

But what’s YOUR favorite trend? And, more
importantly, how might it look on YOU?

Well, to help solve this potential dilemma,
I’ve asked Clive (hanging over there in the
sidebar) to model one exclusively for us!
And as the late, great Stringer Bell in
THE WIRE would say, "Y’all feel me?"



Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh gosh Lola, it's hard to know where to start here. Oh I know ... Clive. I think he models beautifully, you have trained him well ;o

Back to the clothes, ummmmm not sure, I'll go with the LBD (safe choice), as long as I can pull the darn thing down a bit.


londongirl said...

wow!! what super pics - where to begin? love the drape(so elegant, Balanciaga!),the so sexyLBD & even the leather &studs.looks good on Clive (not so sure on methough!)

back for more next monday!! great!

Heavenly Housewife said...

Lola, your tastes are quite avan- garde no? I think i would go for the Lanvin suit, and some good drapery is quite nice too.
I hope you had a great weekend with loads of siesta time.
p.s. saw the Lola perfume in Harvey Nichols yesterday. It is very eye-catching, much like its muse
*kisses* HH

French Fancy said...

Oh Lola if only *skinny bottom half * were possible.

I've always loved checks though and am looking forward to being in b&w this winter. I've already got some new b&w Rocket Dog boots :)

Thanks for all the fashion tips - I bet your mistress cuts quite a dash around town.

Maggi said...

Wow Lola, I have the feeling I would not look fabulous in any of that even possible?! lol Fabulous picks Dahling!

Henrietta Bird said...

Golly Moses, the trouser suit lady has a head like a raspberry!

Lola I thank you for unearthing a far more sinister disorder than the oft reported anorexia amongst models. Turing into a ginormous summer fruit is surely something We The Paying Public Should Know About?

I'm calling The Daily Mail right now.....

daylily777 said...

Hi Lola,
Great runway reporting,but I will have to wait and see how these fashions influence the everyday women's wear. I'm afraid I will look ridculous in high fashion. Now that I think about ,most of those models did too.Do you think we will wearing fruit headwear this fall?. After laughing about it , I just might end up with a raspberry on my head .
I enjoyed your report,

Anonymous said...

Love the post. And I think i'll also go for the little black dress, that is if I can have it long black dress!..Sirius my yorkie sends his regards to Lola..

laterg8r said...

the drape darling - looks fab on most everyone :)

Iva said...

ohhh LOLA!! You leave me speechless! I really am not sure what my favorite trend is.....I like so many things...but I love timeless, elegant pieces usually the best (on me) :)

MissRedLips said...

well lola, i'm a sucker for anything houndstooth so i'll have to go with that. i also love the skirt suits! so classic and figure flattering! but you don't have to worry, you look good in everything lola!

Sandra @ Pepperberry & Co. said...

Squeal!!! You're a Bichon! And pictures of many more Bichons!! I have a Bichon and I heart him so hard I could just eat him. His name is Tango and he is the joy of my life. Thanks for making me smile today!

Amy said...

Hello! I came over after seeing the lovely Lola's picture in your comment in a blog. I just had to check out the adorable furry baby. Lola is soooo cute! And she has some very cute friends!

You posted some wonderful items. My very favorite is the red belted Marc Jacobs for Luis Vuitton coat with the BIG shoulders. It's beautiful! Next in line it's a toss up between the drape and the boots. Unfortunately I am way to small for the red coat. Same goes for the boots. I'm going to have to try a drape next time I hit the stores in Manhattan, also the trouser suit. sheesh, it's hard to decide!
ooooo! I love me some Stringer Bell. "I feel ya, shortie"!

Michelle said...

Ooh, Lola I would try to find those boots. They are so fashionable and so you. Hmmm..not sure if I see you in leather but Clive sure looks good in leather over there on the right! Hehe!

Tell your mommy not a problem with the blogroll thing. It happens to me too!! So frustrating!

GypsyFox The Glamorous Betty Crocker said...

this is a wonderful post, as always & so hard to chose, it's all FAB!!!

Lemon Shortbread said...

Comme de Garcons definitely! One of my favorite brands =) They're technically difficult to make!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment Binksy and my good self bid Lola a sweet goodnight.

Draffin Bears said...

thank you so much for visiting me today.

What a fun post.
I loved the Marc Jacobs red outfit, so very smart and then again the houndstooth is always great.
Big shoulder pads! I am sure somewhere packed away, I could bring out some garments that could be worn today. Interesting how fashion goes in a cycle.

Enjoy your week

Dreamgirl said...

Just found my way over from AC's Scrapbook. You immediately caught my attention with your comment about *viral* Marbella lunch on Thursday. I have NO clue what that is, but hey, if it's Marbella I wanna come! I just left Andalucia last week and are back in Norway. Now I'm completely suffering from Withdrawal Symptoms of the worst kind!

Last Tuesday in Puerto Banus I had quite a funny encounter. You can see for yourself at:

Well, I'll try to remember to come visit again on Thursday. Maybe I'll find out what a viral lunch is!

Hasta pronto

Jessica Cangiano said...

Lola dearest you have such an impeccable eye for haute couture! I am wild for the skirt suits (so very lady of the 40s!), houndstooth (a natural fave for dogs, hey Lola? :D), and boots (though perhaps not quite thigh grazer height).

Can't wait to see future editions of this weekly post, I'm sure they'll be pawsitively fabulous - just like you two are! :)

Oodles of hugs & front seat passes to whatever fashion show your heart desires,
♥ Jessica