April 24, 2013


Dear readers, this week, ‘W’ IS FOR 10 *W*ORST OSCAR-WINNING MOVIES ...

In the opinion of some movie critics, there have been more deserving contenders over the past 50 years for winning an Oscar. What’s your take on the following Oscar-crowned movies? 

Did they merit their Oscar or should a rival nomination that year have won?

1 Gigi (1958) (above). Ever seen it? Or know anyone who's seen it?

Should have won? Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (above & below)? 
Starring Elizabeth Taylor as Maggie, with Paul Newman simmering with anger as Brick:
2 Crash (2005) with Susan Bullock etc:
Should have won? Brokeback Mountain? 
Ang Lee’s tale of gay cowboys in Wyoming:
3 The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003)

Should have won? Lost in Translation?
4 A Beautiful Mind (2001)

Should have won? Gosford Park? 
Robert Altman’s thoughts on the British class system:

5 Ordinary People (1980)

Should have won? Scorsese’s Raging Bull?
6 Million Dollar Baby (2004)

Should have won? Alexander Payne’s funny Sideways?
7 Around the World in 80 Days (1956)

Should have won? Giant?
Even longer but bravura performances from James Dean and Rock Hudson:
8 Driving Miss Daisy (1989)

Should have won? My Left Foot?
9 Chicago (2002)

Should have won? The Hours?
10 The English Patient (1996)

Should have won? Fargo?
The Coen brothers’ black comedy with Frances McDormand’s pregnant police chief:

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April 17, 2013


Now, those readers who have already downloaded
 Retribution will know that the protagonist, Alice, a London-based journalist,
is back investigating the sudden, unexpected death of her closest childhood friend, Ellie, in an isolated, close-knit community. 

And the relentlessly chilling, life-changing consequences for those left behind, especially those searching for the truth behind this apparent suicide and ... subsequent deaths. As she peels back the layers of deception, Alice finds nobody is above suspicion and … Well, you really don’t want me to give away the ending, do you?!

But what I can reveal is the 
background, and inspiration, to the novel - the New Forest National Park, Hampshire (pictured above), and the main places that Alice visits. Here then are some images (hopefully this should soon be possible on Kindle – hopefully by the time of publication of the next in the series!)

So, follow Alice’s journey – as “seen” through her eyes!

The countryside near Alice’s cottage (left) at Bull Hill – with its nearby wild ponies and deer:

And its many bluebell-covered woods:

The pub, the Fleur de Lys, near Boldre (below, left) - where Tim and Alice meet for a drink in an early chapter:

Via Brockenhurst (right):

To Lyndhurst (below, left) – and its one-way traffic system - in the centre of the Forest:
Also the location of DI Neil Hunter’s workplace - 

Lyndhurst Police Station (right) -

opposite the Waterloo Arms, his local pub (right):


Other favourite pubs referred to in the novel:

The Queen’s Head, Burley (left, where Alice and Jim meet) near the village centre (right & below): 

The Borough Arms, Lymington (right) – favourite watering hole of cops from Lymington Police Station:

Views of Lymington (late summer, left) and autumn (right):

The ferry from Lymington to Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight – a fatal journey ...
Local beauty spots Alice won’t have missed during her stay:

Exbury Gardens, belonging to a branch of the Rothschild family, situated in the village of Exbury:

...just to the southeast of Beaulieu (below, left) and Beaulieu river (right):

… and across the river from Bucklers Hard:

And finally, Rhinefield Ornamental Drive – with its redwoods ...
Beech trees:
And plentiful gorse and heather:

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