August 27, 2009


Welcome to PART 2 of our trip, dear readers - this

time inland to Andalucia’s White Towns or Pueblos
Blancos - a series of towns and villages in the
northern part of Malaga province, mostly within
the Sierra de Grazalema and Bermeja Natural Parks.

All the villages are characterised by whitewashed
walls and terracotta roofs.The area has been
settled since prehistoric times, some of the local
caves having ancient rock paintings. Numerous
cultures have left their mark (including the
Romans) but the most influential was that of the
Moors. The narrow, winding streets have a
distinct Arabic feel, though each village has at
least one Roman Catholic Church. The
surrounding countryside is green and pleasant
and tourist activities include hiking, rock-climbing,
pot-holing, horseback riding, bird watching
and just, well, doing nothing! Viva manana!

Let’s begin by driving away from Malaga Airport
where you flew in over Puerto Banus (see sidebar pic!)
and along the coast to our first pueblo blanco, Casares...

and the view from the other side of town...

Let’s wander through its attractive streets...

and here's another...

Then on to pretty Gaucin...

what a great view of its castle, Castillo del Aguila!

Hang on! Let’s stop to do some shopping...

But it’s so hot! What would you prefer: a
coffee, a long cold drink or an apéritif?

Before we drive on to famous Ronda, let’s
pass through pretty Algatocin...

watch out for those goats!

and have a closer look at Bermeja Natural Park:

and even further afield to Gibraltar (in the hazy distance!)

before we finally arrive at Ronda and... lunch!
But first, let’s look at Ronda’s famous Puente Nueve!

and the houses clinging so precariously to the side...

Now let’s go up this street to our restaurant...

Phew! Let’s walk off lunch by hitting

the shops again ... Fancy some ham, anyone?!

Oh, look! A bullfight ad for Marbella! Ugh!

But here’s the real thing:Ronda’s own bull ring!Ugh!Ugh!

Ah! But it’s getting late and you’ve got a plane to catch!

So, let’s return to Malaga via one last pueblo blanco,
Villanueva del Trabuco, situated to the north of the city.

And have a farewell drink in this bar... That was some

joke one of you cracked!! Almost brought the roof down!

But quick! Here’s Daniel with your private plane!

Now, where dear reader, would you like HIM to fly YOU?


: Some outrageous pics for you this Saturday! xx


NicNacManiac said...

I am blown away by the beauty of the whitewashed towns!! The homes that cling to the top of the cliffs are breathtaking with a wonderful view no doubt, but jeez....I would be scared up there.
Would you please let me know why our pilot is not wearing his minimalist outfit to fly the plane..thank you very much!!
Have a fabulous day!!
Hugs xOxO, Nerina :)

Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

What a beautiful place, and indeed what a beautiful post. Hats off!

Tree Surprise in a Dam Backwater

Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

And the goats are the most stunning :)

Nature is So Beautiful

Dustjacket Attic said...

I just love the whitewashed houses and terracotta roofs, the contrast with the blue sky is beautiful.

Thanks for such an interesting trip around, really liked it.

Daniel, take me to some decadent hotel please :)

Maggi said...

Wow, this place is breathtaking! Daniel dahling, please let's go to Fiji next!

Amy said...

The white washed homes are so pretty with the greenery and flowers spilling over the walls. I could walk those beautiful streets forever! Of course, I would have to sit at one of those lovely outdoor cafe tables for a coffee...or 2....maybe 3...
Such beautiful vistas everywhere the eye looks, breathtaking!
I could do without the hams or the bullfighting, though.
Daniel can fly me anywhere....ahem...sorry! But boy he is nice looking...good thing he changed his clothes for the flight.

Thank you for another lovely trip. I'm so glad I made the plane this time and didn't have to bribe anybody (it was a very expensive and uncomfortable journey last time!) to get me there before I missed the entire trip.

Hello Lola! You're looking lovely =o)

mimi charmante said...

Honestly, every time you post photos of spain it makes me want to visit! It is one place I have never been and I think that, even though I don't speak the language, I would just love walking around with Francis shooting all of the gorgeousness!
Thanks for the lovely white shots,

londongirl said...

wonderful post again & beautiful pics. stunning scenery plus Daniel =total bliss!

your so talented.your one of the best bloggers ive ever come across.

KC said...

Now I have another place to add to my "I want to go list". Thank you for the tour with such lovely photos. KC

Chloé said...

hey thank you so much for your sweet comment!
I am glad you liked the photos and I had a great time in France!
Oh and second,
your post is so great - I love the photos and the make me fell holiday-y!
Loads of loads of love♥
Chloé xDD

laterg8r said...

what, my dear, is pot-holing?

whatever it is i'm sure i'd rather be joining the mile high club with daniel LOL :D oops, sassy me ;)

Lucy Fishwife said...

Nora I fear for your white dog against all those white walls. Hope you have taken the precaution of sticking a big pink bow on her in case she gets lost...

Debby said...

What a fabulous post and the pics are awesome. Thanks for sharing.

Heavenly Housewife said...

What a lovely place. Looks like a lovely place to relax and unwind!

The Haute-Shopper said...

Gorgeous images! Thanks for sharing this. I"ve been to Spain a few times, but haven't made it to Andalucia yet. I definitely want to go now! The houses (especially along the cliff), Puente Nueve and the little alleys look so charming! Oh, and I love me some ham as well. Now if I could only hire Daniel Craig.. (to be honest he could fly me anywhere.. haha).

JamaGenie said...

What a gorgeous place you took us for lunch and shopping! But I, too, would worry about Lola in all that whiteness.

One question: with Darling (and scrumptious!) Daniel at the controls, *why* would I **ever** get off the plane?????

Have a happy weekend!

Draffin Bears said...

thank you for taking me on a day out!
Loved the breathtaking white houses, and blue skies.
What a wonderful place and must be so great to walk down the pavements do some shopping oh and an aperitif for moi please. Beautiful scenery.


Jessica Cangiano said...

There is just something so resplendently beautiful and deeply serene about a landscape of Mediterranean white-washed houses. It's like you just look at them and feel as though the dial on life is going to be turned back to "calm" for the first time in longer than you can recall.

A gorgeous - and much needed - leg of our virtual journey, thank you deeply, my dears!

Oodles of hugs,
♥ Jessica

Dreamgirl said...

Gracias Nora
Me ha gustado este viaje del principio hasta el final.

Now that driver could take me just about anywhere... *swoon*

Have another sunny day in Spain! It's raining here in Norway.

Clarity said...

Dear Nora listen...

I have got chills.

First of all I was intrigued when I saw Andalus/Andalucia a place I've always wanted to visit AND I have a fascination with rock art which I photograph especially. Who knew they had some there?

THEN... I start looking around as Bob Dylan's song is playing and I must have accidentally turned something on... no.. you are playing the song I've been hearing on and off for days, a beautiful favourite.

See? goosebumps, amazing.

Nora Johnson said...

Thank you everyone for all yr great comments!

NNM ~ Apologies that your pilot wasn't in his usual minimalist outfit! Will be taking this up with his agent ASAP!

B Chhatbar ~ Yes, inland Andalucia is beautiful!

DJ,Maggi,Amy ~ Looks as if DC's got a VERY busy schedule ahead of him!!

Mimi Charmante ~ Thanks for yr visit! Yes, you will LOVE Andalucia - especially inland!

London Girl ~ Thank you!

KC ~ So glad you enjoyed yr visit!

Chloe ~ Thank you too!

Laterg8r ~ Pot holing is, er, like this... No! Simpler all round to stick with yr suggestion!

Lucy Fishwife ~ Actually, it's Nora, my hopelessly incompetent PA who should wear the big pink bow (and name badge) - not only can she not spell, nor type up my posts accurately but is the one always getting lost!

Debby ~ Many thanks!

HH ~ Great place to relax - as long as no goats nearby! Unbelievably noisy & nosy!

Haute-Shopper ~ Yes, inland Andalucia is very attractive. My, Daniel is going to be very, very busy!

D Bears ~ Thanks, Carolyn!

Jessica ~ Thanks too, Jessica!

Dreamgirl ~ Estoy muy feliz que el viaje te gusta. !Espero que la lluvia se detiene este fin de semana en Noruega! !Espero tambien volver a *ver*te pronto! !Hasta luego!


Dreamgirl said...

Gracias Lola! Hablas muy bién el espanol.
Nos veremos pronto!

(I have no idea how to make spanish signs on my new Mac... irritating!)

Hasta luego

MuseSwings said...

beautiful sunwashed whitewashed pueblos! I love the maze of paths and wonder how long it would take me to get lost - or found!

viridian said...

Wow! Another place to add to my "Wanna Visit Someday" list! I'll have a glass of Spanish wine and can you spare Daniel for a half-hour?

Michelle said...

What a fun trip! I remember my father saying he wanted to visit Malaga..he had books on it! Love the tiny streets..even love those goats! Hehe! Hmmm...and I really don't know if I can cheat on Clive. Daniel will have to have a talk with Clive if he wants to fly me. :)


Have a wonderful weekend Lola and Nora! Thank you for the wonderful trip!

Beth Niquette said...

Wonderful post! I enjoyed each and every colorful postcard and picture. Happy PFF!

Nora Johnson said...

Dear Clarity ~ So pleased they're NICE goosebumps!! Not the other kind!

Dreamgirl ~ Gracias. !Hasta luego!

MuseSwings, Viridian, Beth Niquette. ~ A very Happy PFF!

Michelle ~ Let's leave Clive & Daniel to sort it out among themselves, shall we?!! xx


Frieda Babbley said...

This was a much needed trip. Thank you both of you. Gorgeous! And learned much on the trip. By the way, the private flight with Daniel went very well! We got er hit it off right away. ;]