December 21, 2011


Last time I was a bit late due to all the festivities so am now relinking (with some recent scenes from around the world) to wish all my dear readers a very Happy New Year! Apologies if you've already caught this post!
Here they are:
Sydney (above)
Paris New YorkRome Madrid And may all your hopes and wishes for Christmas be granted, though we may not expect to come across much of the following this year - traditional Christmas gifts which may literally become a thing of the past:
Gold - Prices have soared as the economic crisis continues. The current price is £1,029.20 an ounce:

Frankincense - The tree which makes the resin faces extinction due to overgrazing and insect attacks:

Myrrh - Drought may have had an impact onthe growth of the thorny tree from which the resin comes: WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS FOR THE SEASON?

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Enjoy, and Happy New Year!

December 7, 2011


Dear readers, I am participating in Alphabe-Thursday where ‘E’ IS FOR *E*XCITING MOVIES – ONES YOU’D LIKE TO STEP INTO! Sometimes, a movie creates a world we wish we could simply step into – far from the imploding global financial crisis engulfing us all.

The graphic violence of Michael Winner’s Death Wish sequels; the horrors of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie franchise, anyone? No, we could think of loads of movies in which we’d rather not find ourselves! Of course, in many cases the whole concept is a non-starter – the various props, costumes, sets and camera locations that make up the movie’s visual reality are so cobbled together it’s difficult to take them seriously anyway. But sometimes the magic does take hold and a movie creates a world you feel you could simply step into, one in which you might be happy to stay.
For me, it's the dark opulence George Lucas conjured up in Star Wars, and the fun George Roy Hill created in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (above and below). How I’d have loved to have been on that bike instead of Katherine Ross (pictured) or on that cliff-edge alongside Robert Redford and, especially, Paul Newman - whom I had the great pleasure of meeting in a Malibu restaurant when I lived in LA. And spent the rest of the evening trying my best to avoid staring into those mesmerising blue eyes ... What would your favourite movie be to step into? Something modern or period like Wuthering Heights or Jane Eyre – if you fancy stepping back in time!
On TV, too, wouldn’t you just love to drop in on your favourite soap/series and join in the gossip and banter? Like Sex and the City, Star Trek or Friends. (Wouldn't it be just great to have friends like those?) For something a bit more demanding, there’s always The Killing (above). Set against an unremittingly dark, Danish backdrop that would certainly keep the pulse racing, I’m not sure, though, the “heroine” Sarah Lund - famous for an edginess that would make my beloved Dexter seem like the Tooth Fairy - would necessarily make the ideal companion.

As for the world of books, surely many would love to step inside a Harry Potter novel and “live” his adventures. Or a John Grisham legal thriller or a Lee Child action yarn. For me, there are characters in both my psychological suspense novels (in paperback - or at just 86p or €0.99 per ebook a steal!) – Alex in The De Clerambault Code and Dan in Soul Stealer – I would love to meet. Dependable types to rely on in a crisis – back in the real world …

WHICH MOVIE / TV SERIES / BOOK WOULD YOU MOST LIKE TO 'STEP' INTO? Do check out other Alphabe-Thursday posts @ Jenny Matlock!
And, finally, thank you to all my dear readers who have visited or commented. Have a great weekend!