September 18, 2010


There has been much discussion recently in the UK press whether or not Lady G, in her outlandish outfits and fright wigs, is a feminist icon or not.

According to the September 12 2010 edition of the London Sunday Times, a piece by Camille Paglia sums her up thus:

“Her fans see her as a brilliant, ironic taboo-breaker, an erotic icon, diva of desire. Camille Paglia sees only a talentless fake, a travesty of womanhood, whose posturing seduces only the internet generation.”

Do you have any strong views? How does she compare with other female singers? Is this simply a “generational” thing? Do let me know!

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Heavenly Housewife said...

I think she's definitely got talent, but I think that a lot of stuff she does is simply for show and shock value. I think a lot of it is fake (and frankly, a bit tiresome if you ask me). I mean, the meat bikini?? Surely there are better things one can do with their time and meat LOL.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend daaahling.
*kisses* HH

She Means Well... said...

She undoubtedly has talent for showmanship (or should that be show-womanship?) and controversy.
However, she is no great towering icon of originality. She is 1980s Madonna reduxed for the 2010s, with more outrageous outfits. The music is a polished version of the generic power pop we hear all over the place these days. And she does it well, if you like that sort of thing.
All well and good up to there. Good on her and all power to her. She fills a gap in the market and makes a packet in the process.

But a FEMINIST ICON? Pur-lease! I get so cross when sexualising everything and women treating themselves (literally in this case) like a piece of meat is marketed as "empowering". It's not, it's pandering to the masses - and drawing attention away from any real talent you may have, Lady G.

And what about the 10-year-old with the voice of a fledgling Aretha Franklin or Annie Lennox who will NEVER look good in a meat bikini? Should she let her self-esteem take a tumble and not bother to nurture her other less visible talents?

Lady GaGa has talent, for sure, but to call her a feminist icon is a downright insult to Simone de Bouvoire, Amelia Pankhurst, the female workers at Ford's Dagenham plant in the 1970s, and a whole army of other women who have fought (and are still fighting) for equality in every arena (don't forget that even in the UK, the gender pay gap is STILL about 20%).

Michelle said...

Agree with the 2 comments above - some of it's talent and some fake. There have always been well-paid "singers/performers" of her type - and always will be. *Sigh*

tania said...

Can't stand her. Nuff said.

Holly said...

Oh, Lola, you've opened up a can of worms! I detest the woman as much as others adore her!

Looking Fab in your forties said...

I don't go "ga ga" over her, its an age thing I guess, my daughters like her although some of her songs are quite catchy!

Jeanie said...

I'm not a fan, but I don't hate her and from my perspective I would not call her a feminist icon.

Debby said...

LOL...Good post, not going to touch this one..Hope all is well with the two of you.

Mike said...

I think it is definitely a generational thing - must have passed me by ages ago! Interesting topic (as usual!)

Jan said...

Don't have strong views about her but also don't think she's exactly a feminist icon.

jordiegirl said...

Find some of her songs quite catchy - I'm well up on today's pop music as my son has it playing constantly on the tv in the dining room while he is on the internet at the other end.

As a person I can take her or leave her to be honest, she does nothing to impress me, she's just another pop star to me. She always looks so different every time you see her.

I've just seen the clips about all the outfits she wore at that awards ceremony and can't believe she actually wore meat!!!!! I am not a vegetarian, but wearing meat!!! What next?

Nezzy said...

I'm appalled at her antics and wardrobe but when ya close your eyes and listen to her precisely clear and beautiful voice, well...the girls got talent! :o)

God bless and have a fantastic weekend!!!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Nora and Lola,

I do think she has talent, but I am a take it or leave it.
Let me tell you about when she was out here in NZ. I heard that she went out on a fishing trip, while on Waiheke Island, in very high heels and not the sort of gear one would go fishing in. Ended up tottling around and probably really not enjoying her day out.

Hope that you are having a lovely weekend and thanks for the birthday greetings for Marcel.

bichonpawz said...

I do believe that she has talent. That said...she carries the other stuff a bit over the top!! The meat thing....TOO much!! She reminds me a bit of Madonna!

Holly Loves Art said...

I'm extremely open minded and NOT judgmental. I'm actually really surprised at how many comments seem to be so much against her. Being a vegetarian, I wasn't too thrilled about her meat outfit - which by the way was not real, or so I heard on the news. I think she is very talented and knows how to push limits. Through the years people who have been afraid of Elvis and so many others. I prefer to appreciate the art and allow each artist to be who they are - and if they chose to go over the top then so be it.... just makes the world go 'round.

I'm curious to know if the people who commented have ever seen any of Gaga's interviews. She's extremely articulate and smart and has built an amazing Brand. I think she's cool.

Pondside said...

At this point in my life authenticity means a lot to me, and what I see here isn't all that original or authentic. There's a certain dependence on shock value, and that doesn't go far with me. Frankly, she's a bore.

French Fancy... said...

I don't think she is a feminist icon, just an exhibitionist who rights amazingly catchy pop songs.

Haute World said...

She's definitely a talented performer and songwriter. I respect that she started out writing songs for others, but her outlandish outfits are just a reinvention of what Madonna did 20 years ago. It was fun to watch in the beginning, but I'm getting the feeling she's trying too hard now, which just makes the whole thing a little contrived.

Jenny said...

My vote would be "B", but, hey, I'm old! ha!

Berlin said...

I'm not a fan of her but I do like her songs, very catchy,

And some of her outfits are amazing. But, for those inappropriate outfits.. I think that she either likes to be sexy or wants to attract more attention. My mom doesn't like her haha.

But I'm not a person who likes to talk bad about others, but just give my point of view. And everyone has their good and bad traits, so whatever :) She's her and that's that.

Spilling paint onto earth,

Clarity said...

I would go with Camille, emperor;s new clothes.