March 7, 2010


My dear readers, forget the movies! The Oscars are now considered to be all about the frocks and froth!

Do you think this is a fair judgement? Is it simply the studios’ 21st century way of marketing their product and the stars of marketing, er, themselves? Stars assisted by facialists, beauticians, fashion stylists, hair stylists, footwear stylists, you-name-it-stylists!

Whatever your view, dear readers, stay with me cos, following Friday’s post showing some of the worst Oscar outfits, I offer today those generally considered by fashionistas to be, over the years, the very best!
Do you agree? Do they suit the individual wearing them? Or was the star badly advised by her stylist? Does the dress end up wearing its owner? Oh, I almost forgot - what are your thoughts about the movies?

1 Cate Blanchett ~ Valentino
2 Grace Kelly ~ Edith Head
3 Nicole KIdman ~ Balenciaga
4 Julia Roberts ~ Valentino
5 Charlize Theron ~ Dior
6 Jennifer Lopez` ~ Valentino
7 Kate Winslet ~ Ben de Lisi
8 Marie Cotillard ~ J P Gaultier
9 Rene Zellweger ~ Jean Desses
10 Brunhilde ~ Wagner



Fran said...

yes, agree the oscars are a bit OTT nowadays but still fun to watch (and criticize!) ha!

ken said...

They're full of froth! And less to do with the films every year! Just a way for the studios to promote their goods.

Berlin said...

Thanks for following me =D

Now then, bout the dresses:
1) Acceptable.
3) Simple, elegant and stunning!
4) Again, simple and elegant.
6) Yuck ><
7) Doesn't need that ugly shoulder strap.
8) Fishy in a good way =D
9) This is the best of them all!

Agree with me? Haha, I'll post a new post on fashion on Monday, do criticize =)

adele said...

love the dresses especially -like Berlin above- #9! love yr little joke too Lola! hehe

tania said...

always love your sense of humour lola! will definitelybe watching tonight for frocks and films!

Alice said...

renee zellweger's outfit easily the best & j lopez's easily the worst!looking forward to the films too!

Very amusing=D

teawithonesugarplease said...

You can't beat old fashioned hollywood glam - any deviation for the red carpet isn't going to work. I can't wait to see what turns up on the red carpet.

trishie said...

Kate winslet looks stunning in that red number!
i love watching the oscars for the fashion, i think that's the most fun part of it all!

Amanda said...

I love watching the Oscars for the fashion - both best and worst, either way it's compulsive viewing, frothy or not. xx

laterg8r said...

i wasn't thrilled by the dresses this year - most were too pale (nude) or just plain boring!!! i'd rather they take a chance!

i did love the red dress on vera someone or other (she was in Up in the Air with Clooney) :D

Frieda Babbley said...

I am not pleased with JLo's decision. Honestly, as beautiful as she is, the dress is terrible and ought to used as, well, something other than a dress.
I am most pleased with the last dress on the opera singer, but this is mostly because I think I would look knock out gorgeous in it (who wouldn't?).

As for the rest, love love love.