March 1, 2010


My dear readers, my little confessional this Blue Monday concerns Alice in Wonderland. Not the film, I hasten to add, but the original story. Although I was a voracious reader as a child, I simply HATED AiW and, equally, Through The Looking Glass!

For a seven-year-old, AiW seemed to me like a world of weird dreams - or rather nightmares. Alice, for instance, expands and diminishes; she has to learn to move backwards to go forwards when she is through the looking glass; progress in her looking-glass world is in mad rushes and jumps at inordinate speeds across the chessboard. How weird is that for a seven-year old’s imagination to comprehend, to elucidate?

Dear readers, what do you think? Am I being unfair? Is there a huge gap in Lola’s literary education that needs instant plugging?

P.S. And while we’re talking about it, what’s your greatest confession (literary or otherwise)?




ken said...

Err, confession time? Where to start...?!

Great post,


adele said...

Thoughtful post, Lola! Now as regards confessionals, how much time can you spare?! hehe


btw great pic from AiW!

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I sadly have to disagree on this one,I have quite a strange mind and enjoyed A.I.W...If you think that one was strange wait till you see the Tim Burton one,you will be having nightmares for weeks!

Alice said...

didn't like AiW either. still don't. but the film's worth seeing!

nice post!

Alice x

Fran said...

Love the still from AiW! Haven't seen the film yet but probably will to check out what I missed avoiding it for so long as a child.

xx Fran

tania said...

Ooh, I loved AiW but maybe that says more about me than about the book!

have a good Monday!

Tania x

Becky K. said...

I am so totally with you. I never got why this was supposed to be such a wonderful book.

Oh well,
My kids are looking forward to the movie.

Becky K.
Hospitality Lane

SmilingSally said...

I totally agree! When I was quite young, my mother took me to the movies to see AIW. When the baby turned into a squealing pig, I began to loudly cry, and she had to take me out of the theater.

Happy Blue Monday.

LV said...

I really enjoyed your memory down AIW lane.


point taken~ but I really want to watch the latest movie, Tim Burton's version must be a visual delight!

♥ Kathy said...

I liked the original story too :) Happy Blue Monday!

Heavenly Housewife said...

Ah daaaahling, this housewife has many secrets.

I guess I can see what you mean about Alice. I was never terribly into it. I liked the standard fairy tales like Cinderella etc. My favourite book was called "Bread and Jam for Frances" about a hedgehog who only wants to eat bread and jam. I guess that's odd too LOL.
*kisses* HH

Looking Fab in your forties said...

I never liked it but would be interested to see it now I am older (much older!).

ChloƩ said...

oh i didn't know she was still modeling!!but Wow she is just the best!


Draffin Bears said...

Dear Lola and Nora,

As a child I enjoyed Alice in wonderland and did find it a little scary.
I am looking forward to going to see the new Tim Burton movie, just to see Johnny Depp. My husband often says that I could watch a movie of him with the sound off. haha.
I must say he looks a little weird though.
I just saw on your website where you have your latest novel published ~ congratulations, dear friend.
Have a happy week

Patti said...

I didn't see the movie but I recall not liking the story as a young girl. I doubt I'd like it now either!

daylily777 said...

I can't say as a child I understood all the hidden meaning in AIW. But it really spurred my imagination & I liked the book.
Happy Blue Monday !

SabinePsynopsis said...

It's rather embarrassing but I cannot remember ever having read AiW; but I'm very excited about the film after which I will probably read the book.

trishie said...

when i saw the movie as a kid, i thought it was pretty scary, esp with the fat cat and the mad hatter and all these things i didn't understand. i think i enjoy the alice stories much more as an adult!

Miss. Clippy said...

I hardly remember reading AiW as a child, but I do know that I did not hate it ;) When I re-read it as an adult, it was when I truly enjoyed it for what it is. I'm excited about the film!

chubskulit said...

I'd rather not confess here hahahaa.

Thanks for the visit Lola, greatly appreciate it.

I just started following your blog..