March 11, 2010


Today’s Alphabe-Thursday’s letter is ‘H’ for Horrible Hotels! Well, maybe one
or two, or three aren’t so bad... Anyway, hotels I wouldn’t want to stay in ‘cos
Lola wouldn’t get her beauty sleep in an art gallery or museum! And Lola needs
her beauty sleep like a pot plant needs water! (And about as interesting. Ed)

Well, my dear readers, here they are! Have any of you stayed in them? If so, do let me know your impressions! (I could make a little exception for La Colombe d’Or ‘cos it’s in such a pretty Provençal hilltop village, filled with artworks by Picasso and others left as payment and close to wonderful eateries... )

1 Museum-Hotel, Louisville Kentucky
2 Broomhill Art Hotel, Devon, UK
3 Hotel des Arts, San Francisco
4 Hotel Copenhagen, Denmark
5 Hotel Chelsea, NY
6 Hotel Colombe d’Or, St Paul-de-Vence, France
7 Gladstone Hotel, Toronto
8 Gramercy Hotel, NY
9 Propeller Island Hotel, Berlin
10 Hotel Atelier-sul-mare, Sicily
11 Hotel du Petit Moulin, Paris



Frieda Babbley said...

Great post! Wonderful topic. I think this alphabet Thursday thing is a wonderful idea. I'm going to join I think.

I'd like to say first that no, I have never stayed in any of these hotels. And second, I had no idea that these were out there. And third, well, I MAY like to stay at a couple of them, depending on the price and depending on if I get to chose the PRECISE room in which I get to stay in. I would not be bold enough, nor care free enough, to stay in a "surprise" room.

This deserves a share. Off to do just that. Thanks!

French Fancy said...

I love the Colombe D'or - I've not stayed there but have had coffee in the gorgeous brasserie by its entrance. St Paul de Vence is my favourite ever town that I have visited here.

French Fancy said...

<isty and Poppy bichon said:

We went there too and the waiters brought us a bowl of water without mummy even having to ask. We didn't walk through the town though - it's a pedestrian zone and quite steep and cobbly and daddy thought we would be better off letting mummy just go and explore the trillions of shops on her own. We stayed in the brasserie with daddy.

Mike said...

Wouldn't sleep a wink in any of them either!


Jan said...

Like Colombe d'Or too-a lot of "ambience" (despite all the crowds!)

tania said...

All a bit too weird for me -like a lot of space and comfort when I stay in hotels! Very interesting though =D

Viki said...

I've never been to any of those. They do look interesting though. I bet one could come up with a lot of blog material after staying at one of these places LOL.

Holly said...

Some of those rooms look really sinister! Weird!

Michelle said...

How strange!Would love to hear from someone who's actually stayed in any of them... ;)
michelle x

Maggi said...

Well, they definitely are original! lol

Heavenly Housewife said...

No daaaahling, never stayed at any of these. I've always been curious about the Petit Moulin in Paris. Did you know its designed by Christian Lacroix?
Nothing bothers me when i'm sleepy. I just sleep :D
*kisses* HH

laterg8r said...

the one that looks like a prison cell is the most horrid :D

Jackie said...

hi, I prefer hotels to motels but I have not been to any of those ,
Have a nice day!

Betty (picture circa 1951) said...

I've never been to any of them and probably won't ever get to them either. Those hotels are different!

Jo said...

i havent been to any of these hotels but some of then look fascinating!

Catherine said...

Interesting hotels :) !

Sarah said...

These RE ll ao interesting! Yo have such unique posts oon your blog. I have been posting about alice in wonderland a lot too, please check out my blog and keep up the good work xoxox sarah

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Lola and Nora,

No I have not stayed in any of these hotels, but an interesting post.
Some are not very nice.
When we were in Paris we rented an apartment, that worked out really well.

Happy weekend, dear friend

lostpastremembered said...

Lovely post.. so many great hotels... although the cheesy one does make one laugh!

Melinda Cornish said...

great alphabe post....I also saw pictures of an ice hotel with ice furnishings one time....very is like these hotels are the vacation! Melinda

Berlin said...

They look interesting. Why horrible?


Jenny said...

Great post! I love these hotels.

I wonder if it is wrong to covet that little flock of penquins? Those are my favorite part!

Thanks for your happy humor!


Steph said...

Aah scary hotels. I can't stand to have anything staring at me when I sleep. And I'm not too partial to abstract art decorating either.