March 22, 2010


A model friend of mine’s been invited to a gala
event and advised by her agent to make an impact!
Now, she’s decided on the dress (a classic long, black
silk sheath) but is undecided about the shoes. This is
where she thinks she should make a splash. Below are
shoes she’s got access to. Which pair would you advise?
And how do you make an impact at parties etc?

Happy Ruby Tuesday - and do visit other terrific
Ruby Tuesday posts! (Links at Work of the
Poet’s great site.) Enjoy!
1 Dior (above)
2 Vivienne Westwood
3 Asos
4 Dior (John Galliano)
5 Topshop
6 Louis Vuitton
7 Laurence Dacade



Manang Kim said...

Oh wow those shoes are gorgeous!! I will pick the one with a different heel. People will surely love to see that heel. ^_^

RRT~ Nut cracker or toy soldier

Anonymous said...

The plain black, she has to steal the show not her shoes...

LV said...

Unless she wants to ruin her feet, I would not wear anything of them. My poor feet are in the shape they are today from wearing too high heels when growing up.

Debby said...

I think any of these will do the trick..

Maggi said...

Yay! Me love shoes!

Amanda said...

oooohhh, the Dior shoes, definitely!

Miss. Clippy said...

Red never fails to make a statement so I'd go with Dior. It's not over-the-top, but still commands attention. Nice shoes, but I bet they will kill my feet :( happy Ruby Tuesday!
Mine is here!


trishie said...

i LOVE the red Diors! so eye catching.

Berlin said...

No probs bout the shout out =)

The shoes:
#1 lovely, but the color looks too much like fish meat..

#2 Aak, chicken invaders(ugly)

#3 Simple but not much impact

#4 Hate the heel

#5 Gorgeous!

#6 Tribal & goth looking(love it!!)


I wonder what the designers would say if they read what I said XD

Heavenly Housewife said...

I think impact is made closer to the face. I say she should go for big statement jewellery because a black dress can handle it. People are more likely to look at the face area than the feet. Though I'd love to have access to all those fab shoes.
*kisses* HH


loving the LV & the African trinkets!
Fab new week darling!

Tracey said...

I like the simple black heels.. they are different, but not way out.. and I love shoes... I like the red ones too if they are part of the choice... the others..not on your life!

Duchess of Tea said...

My darlings I would go for the Asos, for me the simplest fashion accessories are the best, after all it is the person wearing the dress that needs to be noticed, n'est-ce pas!! Are you going to tell us which pair she chooses?

Have a cheery and happy spring darling.

Love & Hugs

daylily777 said...

They all look like killer heels !lol I love red shoes, so they have my vote .

Auntie E said...

Some strange shoes there.
My Ruby Link for you

French Fancy said...

I liked the ASOS ones and the last ones but I would actually be in awe of anyone who could manage to walk in such high heels.

Looking Fab in your forties said...

If wearing a plain black sheath it is great to make an impact with your shoes, but go for a coloured pair not the black, the pink would be great!

Chloé said...

oh that is one hard decision but I love the louis vuitton most so probably.....but i don't want to be giving bad advises here;)


Draffin Bears said...

Love them all but the black Asos would be my pick.
Let's hope that she will not have to do too much standing or dancing.

Happy week, dear friend

Jenny said...

You makes my feet cramp in sympathy but I'd say the top one!