October 4, 2010


A recent BBC TV programme, The Young Ones, wasn't just another reality Big Brother-type programme of people living together in a large house (for a week). Here there was a purpose and it wasn't just to watch well-known actors and actresses in their 70’s (below) bickering with each other. This was a re-construction of an experiment from 30 years ago to discover if ageing is, in fact, a "state of mind". Thus the house was decorated as if it were 1975, and the participants monitored to see if they felt younger at the end of it. "If you go back into an atmosphere when you were in your heyday," said Michael Mosley, in charge of the experiment, "and if you truly believe it, your mind and body will follow."

Happy Ruby Tuesday and Rednesday!
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PS Have a good week and see you again for Alphabe-Thursday!


Rimkogeren said...

Great Ruby Tuesday Photo :-)

Michelle said...

Not sure it's always wise to "go back" in time! Better stick with the present! 8-)

Jan said...

Those hippy days of flower power- was it such a great time for all? Not sure.I'll stick with the present too. :-)

Robin said...

I think I've learned to much along the way to go back again, but it's an interesting concept to ponder for sure.

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tania said...

Definitely wouldn't want to go back like in that show but an interesting idea!

Vernz said...

So true... especially in that outfit... great!

Ruby Tuesday Here

Holly said...

Did people really wear outfits like that then? hehe

Mike said...

Awful period - wouldn't want to return to 3 day week etc!

Felisol said...

By me aging also is a state of my skeleton.
I have been treated for osteoporosis for ten years...
Love the psychedelic pattern of the jeans.
And I still wear denim.

Liza said...

I don't think it's wise to go back.

Happy RT.

Kim, USA said...

I like to wear that this coming halloween, so sexy!
Ruby Red Tuesday

TheCunningRunt said...

Certain aspects of ageing are definitely a state of mind, while others are probably a lot less so.

Provocative post, and groovy picture! ;)

Dianne said...

I absolutely think age is a state of mind
I love the outfit, I remember that from my hippie days :)

chubskulit said...

I think so... I am 37 but I feel like 20 lol! Young at heart...

My Ruby Tuesday

Draffin Bears said...

Happy Ruby Tuesday, dear Nora and Lola,

I really do think that age is a state of mind and if you feel happy, you will feel younger.
Platform shoes, rubik's cube, ( saw someone playing with one) glam,... they are all coming back around again.


Pondside said...

I believe that it's a state of mind, but it has nothing to do with the decoration of the house - rather, what we read, what we watch, what we do with our bodies to keep them in shape, and most of all the people with whom we surround ourselves - these things all add up to keep a person as young as she feels.

bichonpawz said...

Hi there Nora and Lola!! Happy RT to you! I dont' think I would want to go back...but that is a pretty interesting outfit you have there!!

Selba said...

Hi Lola,

It's been long time since the last time I was here, sorry! Quite busy, I even don't blog as often as I used to :( Anyway, thanks a lot for still visiting my blog :)


Honey the Great Dane said...

Hi Lola - thanks for coming over to visit my blog!

You have a very interesting blog - you are obviously a very fashionable doggie! :-)

My human says that she agrees ageing is a state of mind. You're only as old as you feel!

Honey the Great Dane

Carletta said...

I'm certainly going to give this some thought. There was some days 'back then' I was healthier and happier. Couldn't hurt to think I'm still there. :)

French Fancy... said...

I was sorry to have missed this programme. As for going back in time - when I look back at my photos I am always amazed at how dissatisfied I was with my appearance back then - if only I still looked like that!

Wish me luck, Nora - I'm trying out a groomer this weekend. She is so booked up I know she must be good, but it's always a gamble (as is a new hairdresser for us).

Kisses to the lovely one


Marge said...

Dear Nora and Lola,

I agree with Carolyn:) If you feel happy you will feel younger too:)

Thank you for your visit on my blog and your kind words for me!!:)

Have a nice evening to you!:)

Marge from Finland

LV said...

Most everything is a state of the mind. You are as old as you think your are. I have seen young people old much too soon in their ways, where older ones are still young at heart. Mind over matter.

Julienne said...

I had to comment on this! My twenty three year old self looks into the mirror each morning, and, each morning she is truly surprised to see her Mother looking back!!!! I will always be twenty three in my head it is just the body that lets me down occasionally!!!
I will age disgracefully!!!!!