April 3, 2010



Dear readers, do you think it’s ever OK to swear at work?
****-laden tirades against chefs and kitchen staff have become Gordon Ramsay’s signature dish, while Malcolm Tucker, the BBC's fictional Downing Street director of communications in The Thick of It barely opens his mouth without uttering a four-letter word or six.

Swearing can help you let off steam at work but has turning the air blue ever caused you long-lasting problems with colleagues? Might it be better to institute a swear box – at the rate of £1 ($1.50 ) for every expletive – to create a biscuit fund? Might everyone then benefit from those tension-busting episodes... or not?!

What do you think, my dear readers? What's the worst expletive you've ever uttered at work? Time to 'fess up: you know your secret's safe with me ~ and my thousands of lovely readers!! Do let me know!

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Berlin said...

That wouldn't be a very nice thing would it?

Have a wonderful day!


Mike said...

Wow, £1 for every ****?! By now I'd have paid out for biscuits for the whole company!!!

Fanatasic topic as usual Lola!

Michelle said...

Well, if there weren't so many readers out there Lola, I might fess up but then again someone might recognize the words!!(theyre a bit lets say unusual!! hehe

Debby said...

Better not go there..hehehe...
Happy Easter.

Holly said...

Ohh! Where to start... or perhaps not withso many readers out there who might recognise me!!
Happy Easter lola!

tania said...

That biscuit tin fund would have overflowed where I used to work!! :o)

Jan said...

My word verificaton was *swore*!!

Happy Easter weekend Lola!

Terry said...

Howdy Lola
You left a very nice comment on my blog yesterday for PFF ,thank you :)
Now to answer your question.
No it is not okay to swear ,rant rave,throw temper tantrums ,nor fits of any kind at work.
Does it happen yes.
Here in Texas it is still frowned upon when an adult acts like a spoiled child at work and there are consequences.
When at work you are there to do your work .
It seems the whole world has suddnely come to a place of thinking reality Television is normal in the work place.
It is a work place and should be treated with respect .
Assuming a person is old enough to work they are old enough to use self control.
You can get glad in the same pants you get mad in !
Well you did ask and being a Southern gal I don't mind answering :)
Take care now and congratulations on the new book :)
I hope you have a fabulous weekend.
Happy Easter
Until next time
Happy Trails

Looking Fab in your forties said...

Many years ago I had a boss who swore constantly, it didn't bother me as he couldn't moan if ever I slipped up!

Hootin' Anni said...

I used to....dunno about YOU but I saw nothing wrong with it...but then again, I was the only one in the room when I DID!!!

Just wanted to stop by and wish you and yours a blessed Easter Sunday tomorrow!!

Ronnica said...

I don't think it's appropriate or helpful. Who wants to work in that kind of environment? I don't swear regardless, and my co-workers don't at least at work.

French Fancy said...

I seldom swear anywhere actually - in fact, until I met Mr FF, I never swore at all. Now as he does it occasionally I do as well but I would never do this at work

Amanda G said...

Since I work with kids, no swearing at work isn't really allowed. That said, I've been known to say something before and after, although not to anymore specifically, ala Gordon Ramsey style. And even then I NEVER drop an F-bomb (in any circumstance).
amanda @ myramblings.ca

The Vintage Kitten said...

Absolutely not okay to swear at work. Everybody should be respectful to each other. If my boss spoke to me like the vile Gordon Ramsay does I would do it back. If my boss or colleague objected I would say 'tough' and when you speak to me in a manner more befitting then I will do the same in return! Dont mess with the Kitten LOL! Have a lovely weekend Lola, send my love to Nora X

laterg8r said...

swearing ok but not classy.
swearing at someone, never ok!

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

My six words for you: Sometimes words slip out, don't they?

My Six Words
Shadowy Toilet!

Jo said...

it's so not okay, but occasionally, those little words do slip out!

Olivia said...

Well, since I work at home with my kids, no, definitely not. I think it might be better to come up with your own non-offensive and funny swear words. My hubby uses "Danny Bobby!" at times. (Thought I guess this would be offensive if your name was Danny or Bobby!)
Happy Easter!

Draffin Bears said...

Dear Lola and Nora,

I do not really like swearing and sometimes I have muttered words under my breath.
I hope that you are having a lovely weekend and Easter.


Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

Merry Easter and happy travel;-)

Ron Cooper said...

My six-word answer:

Treat co-workers with professional courtesy always.


Missy said...

I used to be a criminal defense attorney, so swearing at work was in the job description! So the answer's an enthusiastic yes from me!

Eleonora said...

Anyone with that mullet haircut will pull swear-words right out of your mouth, if you ask me!

Glad to be back in the Lola friendship ring,
Lola xx