January 14, 2010


My dear readers, I thought you might like to take a look at some Hot Trends for 2010 and let me
know which one(s) you love or hate or will be hot in any event! The photo (left) depicts the new
in Wonderland
film due out in March. Selfridges, London, are opening next month a whole boutique
devoted to its accessories.

CREDITS (respectively):
DESIGN DEBUTS,Marios Schwab, Halston
Christopher Kane
SHOP ‘TIL YOU DROP,Peter Pilotto
Do let me know which trend is hot or not!
Thank you so much for all the comments, visits and new
followers this week! I’m sorry I can’t get out to your sites
as often as I used to ‘cos of my PA’s work commitments.
But I do love hearing from you and reading each comment!


sonia said...

great post-so interesting & informative! Love the Chanel "handmade" bags best of all!
sophie xx

Heavenly Housewife said...

Hello Lola Daaaaaaahling,
Lovely pieces. I am going to check out that Selfridges boutique. When does the boutique start? Or is it out now? I like the Chanel basket weave bag. Cute. Moi doesn't have a Chanel bag... yet.
Love, HH *kisses*
p.s. Lola, i know you are a busy Bichon, its not easy being fab, but you could have made an awesome fashion buyer :)

laterg8r said...

lola, i am in love with Alice and cannot wait till the movie comes out! johnny depp is divine :D

jenny said...

So lookingforward to that film & Johnny Depp!

great post as always!

French Fancy said...

The only time I keep up with the latest trends is when I pop in here. It's good to see how the other half are living :)

KC said...

Hello Lola,
We have no idea about fashion but we did want to drop in to say Hello! KC, Ruby & Rusty

Ben said...

Interesting post though not sure if anything there's for me - maybe the film? Mmmm!

clare said...

Such an interesting post-had no idea bodysuits were still hot!


naomi said...

As a bit of a fashionista, love this post -so many great ideas! Really like the shoes (so much more comfortable!) & Africa prints!
naomi xx

Gingeyginge said...

Thank you for stopping by and you may add what you will to it, if rules are not for bending where's the fun in them...Gr8 post...love the shoes and trousers...I tend to look more like the mad hatter than Alice,we even have the same hair!

Henrietta Bird said...

Ooh lovely handbags!

Just stopped by to say hello Miss Lola and your fabulous assistant Miss Nora.

I'm sorry I have been rubbish on the interweb recently - work - yah boo sucks.

Looking forward to being back on the ball from now on!


Shopaholic said...

I just can't wait for Alice in Wonderland! completely my thing!!!

I love those trousers in pic 2 I think. I'm worried I'd be a bit too short to wear them, but they look amazing on a taller person.

Thank you for the linkage i did spot... shall returneth the favour x

Michelle said...

Lola!! Have missed you and I have been a terrible blogger. Hope you can forgive me. :) I cannot wait to see Alice in Wonderland and oh those outfits are just so chic! Love the shoes! Hope all has been well with you and your mommy. Will be around more frequently as life has gotten back to normal after a move and the holidays!

Lots of love and hugs..

Michelle and the kitties :)

Marie Antionette said...

Hello Lola,
I'm glad I make you laugh...thats my intent...LOL.
It looks to be a creepy Alice in Wonderland. Is Johnny Depp going to be in it? Then I know I will watch it.
Some of those outfits come right out of the 60's. Nothing new there.
Down here in New Orleans back in the 60's, you would be either a Frat or a a Pit. Pit meaning... Hood or greaser.
Guess what I was? Yep! A Pit. No pit would be caught dead in any of those clothes.
I love your visits also and your surveys, they are always kool.
XXOO Marie Antionette

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...

The trousers are IT! Can't wear the shoes but love them too! Fun post!

Mary said...

I like the blue graphic print dress with the parallel buildings - pretty cool.

Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh I saw a 3D preveiw of Alice, fabulous colors and look to the picture. Should be very interesting.

dana said...

In my thin days, I had a closet with 7 pairs of khaki trousers that remind me of the photos of the toothpick model in the second photo. God how I LOVED khaki trousers!Now that I'm old, fat and squishy, whatever is in style for me is whatever has elastic wastebands.
*heavy sigh*

Melissa said...

I wish that I lived in London. I would be in Selfridge's buying some of those Alice accessories.

Clothes should be fun, right. One has to wear them all day, so might as well have fun doing so.

Happy Sunday!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Lola and Nora,

Anything with Mr Depp in would be great so yes, love him and looking forward to the Alice movie coming out.
Also the Chanel bags are fabulous.

Happy week, dear friend.

Melissa said...

That Chanel purse is definitely something I would not be late for a very important date with.

trishie koh said...

I love all the runway looks, so definitely HOT to me!
I can't wait to see Alice in Wonderland...
Come check out my new sponsor shoutout at my blog today!

Marie Reed said...

How hilarious to see a chanel crochet purse!

Jo said...

Chanel & crochet ??? i am all astonishment. and Alice ... i cant wait!