December 12, 2012


Dear readers, I am participating in Alphabe-Thursday where ‘D’ IS FOR 


Have you suffered any wardrobe malfunctions like the following?
Keira Knightley (above)
Madonna on tour in Turkey this year (below):
Men too! PM David Cameron noticing his unbuttoned shirt at a recent London Guildhall function:
And some of us lesser mortals:

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Riet said...

Oh my, the last one is the worst, awfull.

EG CameraGirl said...

OOPS! :))

Sandy said...

haha,, things happen. Shame they
have to be caught on camera..
Happy Holidays

Carol L McKenna said...

Ooops is right ~ none of us are perfect ~

( A Creative Harbor) aka artmusedog and Carol ^_^

edenhills said...

Those are certainly quite the dress malfunctions. Glad I've never had any caught on camera! ;-)

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Lola and Nora,

Oh dear! oops! is right.
Thanks for visiting me today and have not heard about the rescue dogs, in Auckland so shall find out about them.
Hope you are enjoying the week


JDaniel4's Mom said...

Thankfully I have avoided having any.

Jim said...

Hi Nora!!! The last two pictures would be candidates for the "WalMart" fancy people Web site and Fwd: Fwd: e-mails.

On the late night talk shows people appear to be a malfunction readt to happen, similar to the 'accident ready to happen' unsafe situations.

Of course I have not had a malfunction, at least one that I would talk about.

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

Oh my! But very funny!
When I was a teenager I fell while water skiing.... and my top fell down! At least it didn't come all the way off -- and I was hitting the water when it did!

Pondside said...

Oh yes - I'm old enough to remember garter belts and the horror of having one of the fasteners give and threaten to bring a stocking down around my ankles!

bluegrassnotes said...

Good D

Chubskulit Rose said...

Those massive rolls are quite bouncy. Visiting late from Ruby Tuesday.

Hope you can also leave me a message at my RUBY post

Sue said...

The David Cameron one cracks me up.

And I carefully guard against your everyday happenings by checking myself from all sides in the mirror before leaving the house!

(Some people I see must not own a mirror...)


Jeanne Pursell said...

Hi Lola and Nora! I am so very glad that I have not had a problem like that!! Those last two are unbelievable! Hope all is well with you two!! xo Jeanne, Chloe and Ladybug

Robin said...


And my goodness, what on earth happened to David Cameron that day?

Kalantikan said...

Hahaha, what else can we do! I see a lot of them everyday, that last one!

Ralph said...

The PM - the leader of the UK who represents it to the world- who dressed him??

The dresses were a bit evocative it seems...and oversized people in undersized clothing does seem to be a plague. Sartorial issues all!

Jenny said...

Thank you for the delightful laugh!

The Gold Digga (last) picture actually made me choke on my coffee!

It was always so delicious visiting you!

Thank you for linking.


Megan, said...

Gah! David C - that's just bad.
Xo Megan,

Liza said...

Oh my, thank God I never had any.

My entries:
Liz (mcn)
Liz (mot)

namaki said...

wow ! the last one is very "impressive" !