March 9, 2009


Status update.
Mood: wretched.
Reason: fifth anniversary of father’s death this Thursday.
Possible responses:
1. Investigate teleportation. (Problematic.)
2. Go into seclusion for day. (Difficult. Can’t afford to waste a second in world heritage site after effort, not to mention expense, of getting here.)
3. Shoulder on. (Likely choice. On a positive note, just heard of article about my book and me in local paper - more on that in later post. Father would have been pleased.)

Five years ago, Thomas Johnson went into hospital with a routine medical complaint and came out soon after dead - from MRSA. I won’t name and shame the hospital. It’s already lurking at the bottom of league tables for cleanliness and clinical standards.

He was the best of fathers - kind, loyal, generous and with a self-deprecating sense of humour. A true friend. And I miss him more than words can say.


Arcadian Advocate said...

Oh.. it is just a whole year since I lost my dear Dad and reading your post made my eyes fill again... I do miss him so...

Nora Johnson said...

Arcadian Advocate: I'd really like to write "time is a great healer". But I'd be lying. For me, the pain is, frankly, as raw now as five years ago. A verbal hug to you and all those who have been recently bereaved.