March 4, 2009

'ME' & I

Over the next few days, my moto guide, confusingly called 'Me', took me everywhere and we became good friends. We went to a lot of out-of-the way places. Places where foreigners don't go. Where restaurants don’t have menus in English.

So I ate all manner of things but, out of respect for pet owners, I won't elaborate. The most disgusting thing I tried was a duck egg, served as dessert. But first a health warning: for those of a nervous disposition, it'd be best to look away now and skip the rest.

You would crack open one end of the egg first, and suck out the ‘juice’. You could then use a teaspoon and scoop out the rest of the cooked egg. Or, if you chose to de-shell it, you could actually see the shape of the duckling with dark feathers within (though the feathers didn’t taste anything like feathers).

I think I’d best leave it to Gordon, Jamie or Nigella to include in one of their next bestselling tomes. Or maybe Heston. Cooked fat duck egg porridge, anyone?

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