December 16, 2008


The prime suspect in the so-called Malaya case, Juan Antonio Roca, was back in court this week to answer charges in yet another case of misappropriation of public funds. Marbella Town Hall’s former planning officer is accused of paying lawyer and former Sevilla Football Club chairman José María del Nido 80,000 euros.

Del Nido allegedly received up to 3.1 million euros of public money between the years 2000 and 2001, and Judge Ricardo Puyol estimates that between 1999 and 2003 the total of payments made reached 6.7 million euros.

However, Roca claimed that the payments had been ordered and approved by the Mayor’s office and had passed all the necessary municipal inspections.

The lawyer normally representing Roca, José Aníbal Álvarez, has refused to defend his client in this new corruption case. He claims that his office is already "overwhelmed" with work from the fifty seven cases against Roca, including Malaya, it is already dealing with. Álvarez previously refused to defend Roca in another case (Saqueo) but that time he "claimed" it was because he hadn’t been paid.

It looks as if we can draw our own conclusions as to the true reasons…

Fifty seven cases against Roca alone - and counting… !

Is it any wonder that I, and many others besides, despair at ridding Andalucia of corruption on such a scale anytime soon?

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