December 29, 2008


This New Year’s Eve we’ll be once more returning our Spanish friends’ hospitality by inviting the family to join us for a New Year’s Eve meal in a restaurant in Gaucin, after which we’ll wander around the beautiful old town for the local celebrations held in the various small flower-filled squares.

We won’t, however, make the same mistake we made when we first arrived - with the ‘lucky’ grapes. Traditionally, when the clock starts to strike on New Year’s Eve each person should be clasping a handful of grapes, one of which must be carefully and slowly chewed and swallowed on each stroke to bring good luck for the New Year. And then corks start popping, cava flowing and streamers and confetti everywhere. The only problem was we’d already eaten all our tiny grapes on the first stroke!

Should we make any other mistakes this year, however, they’ll all turn up in a later post!

¡Feliz año nuevo!

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