October 10, 2012


Dear readers, apologies for the slight interruption in service but back again firing on all, er, cylinders! And this week ‘U’ could only be *U*nwearable, *U*ncomfortable Shoes!
Any of the following you could see yourself in?

1.     Louboutin’s Glass Slipper (2012) - above or:

2.     Vivienne Westwood’s stack heels which Naomi Campbell wore and fell down in (1993) or

3.     Alexander McQueen’s Armadillo shoes (2012) or
4.     Gwyneth Paltrow out and about (as one does!) in Zanotti’s 7 inch heels (2008) or
5.   A ntonio Berardi’s heel-less boots (2008)  or

6.     OR: Celine’s furry flats (2012) above?

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And, finally, thank you to all my dear readers who have visited or commented. .
Have a great weekend!


Rocky Mountain Woman said...

Nope, I doubt I could wear any of them! Not very fashionable out here in the mountains I'm afraid...

Love the glass slippers though!

4kids, 2 guinea pigs, 1 happy family said...

Great shoes!
Me and my daughter had a fab shopping trip, admiring LK Bennett's shoes and vivienne westwood's too!
Last year there was a brilliant Vivienne Westwood exhibition, since then me and my daughter have been hooked on unwearable shoes!
Loved reading this post.

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Fantastic post and you are soooooo right 'unwearable shoes' ~ (A Creative Harbor)

Debra said...

lol Fun U post!

EG CameraGirl said...

I don't understand why some women want to hurt their feet!

Jamie said...

OK, how are you supposed to walk in the "heeless boot" (hanging on to your date, I guess)! Pretty shoes in all of those photos, but the only ones I could possibly wear would be the first ones.

Great post!

anitamombanita said...

ouch. no. not a single pair.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I think I will stick to my sneakers.

Sarah~Magnolia Surprise said...

Good grief! Just give me my sandals and my bunnies!! I watched Kiss on Good Morning America this morning-- I guess they would like those purple ones!!
I'd be scare to stand up in those Armadillo shoes!!


Can anybody wear shoe no 2 and 3??? Id love to wear shoe no 4 and no 1 is soooooo pretty!!!! I dont like shoe no 5 and have shoe no 6 with a bunny rabbit on top :D :D :D. Lovely U post.

Judie said...

I refuse to have anything to do with"cruel shoes." Men should be made to wear them every day for a month just to see what women go through.

Those armadillo shoes are really creepy!!

Pondside said...

Nope - not one of those would survive five minutes by the ponds!
Shoe stories? My worst one would have to be losing a heel in the grass at an elegant military garden party. I had to spend the afternoon balanced on one heel. To this day I am just a teeny bit certain that my left leg is still more muscular than my right!

namaki said...

incredible shoes .... but I'll stick to my Birkenstocks ;-)

eJoops Cottrill said...

The first pair is beautiful!

I can't wait to read your comment on my Raspberry Pink entry.

maria said...

No way people would see me wearing these shoes. Happy RT2.

Mine's here.

Chubskulit Rose said...

The first pair is pretty!

Visiting from Ruby Tuesday.
Hope you'll find time to leave a comment on my RUBY Cabin post as well.

LV said...

My poor feet are killing me just looking at these shoes.

cassandrasminicorner said...

Oh, man! That is for the sake of fashion? That's crazy..

Visiting from Ruby Tuesday 2- hope you can stop by..


✿Carol✿ said...

The last time I wore heels, I twisted my ankle so badly that it's never been the same, so I thought it was a good time to hang up my pumps and switch to flats!
Happy REDnesday,

Annesphamily said...

I am a Keen kinda girl! I like comfort! These are really wild looking shoes!
We have a patient, at the medical office where I work. Always complaining about her back hurting and wearing 5 inch heels! Hellooooo!? Crazy lady!
Have a great day!

Jenny said...

I wonder if these celebrities look back on their footwear (especially those yellow fuzzy ones) and wonder, 'What was I thinking?'

I do that sometimes.

With clothes I wore in the 70's.

This was a cUte link for the letter U.

Thank you for sharing it!