May 23, 2012


Dear readers, this week, ‘A’ IS FOR ALLEN – WOODY *A*LLEN & HIS MOVIES!
Which is your favourite Woody Allen movie and why?
Is it perhaps Play it Again, Sam (1972, above):

A hilarious romcom, directed by Herbert Ross but written by Allen. In the following exchange, he is trying to proposition an attractive girl in an art gallery (Diana Davila, who had played Anne Frank in a US TV movie). Allen: “That’s quite a lovely Jackson Pollock, isn’t it?” Davila: “Yes, it is.” Allen: “What does it say to you?” Davila: “It restates the negativeness of the universe. The hideous lonely emptiness of existence. Nothingness. The predicament of man forced to live in a barren, godless eternity…” (She goes on like this.) Allen: “What are you doing Saturday night?” Davila: “Committing suicide.” Allen: “What about Friday night?”
Or do you prefer:
Hannah and Her Sisters (1986):
Annie Hall (1977):
Manhattan (1979):
Crimes & Misdemeanors(1989):

Deconstructing Harry (1997):

Sleeper (1973):
Or perhaps: Stardust Memories (1980):
Which is your favourite Woody Allen movie and why?
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And, finally, thank you to all my dear readers who visited or commented.
Have a great weekend!


Rocky Mountain Woman said...

I would have to say "Annie Hall" I love Diane Keaton!

ellen b. said...

Well...I cannot tell a lie, Woody Allen is not a favorite of mine so I couldn't pick amongst these movies. It's still a good choice for the letter A! Happy week to you.

Riet said...

I don't think I saw many Woody Allen movies but I like the A word

Annesphamily said...

I think Annie Hall! I loved Diane Keaton's fashion sense in that movie! Telling my age! Ha Ha! You did a great job showcasing all these movies! Thanks for the share!

Jeanne Pursell said...

Definitely Annie Hall!!! Love Diane Keaton! She is a riot!!! She was just on "Ellen" last week...still awesome at her age!!

Hope you both are doing well!!
xoxo Jeanne, Chloe and LadyBug

Judie said...

I have to agree with Ellen B. I have never been a fan, and his life as we know it leaves much to be desired. Great post, though!

anitamombanita said...

OK, so shoot me. Woody Allen is one of my least favorite actors/writers. He plays the same old tired neurotic character all the time...himself. He looks like my older brother, whom I love dearly, but my brother, thankfully, had none of his idiosyncratic neuroses... I love Diane Keaton, though!!

Jim said...

I like Woody a lot, Nora. Even more I think after his relationship with a Houston Lady, actress Mia Farrow (Previn). Andre Previn was probably the best orchestra conductor we have ever had. His current (was controversial at the beginning) marriage with Soon-Yi Previn is fine with me as well.

Writing, I really liked his recent Midnight in Paris movie. We saw it at the theatre and also have rented it. Our daughter bought a copy.

BTW, I am on today at
Jim's Alphabe-Thursday

Sue said...

I think Annie Hall. It just brings back such great memories of my hipster years.


Carrie said...

Hmmm...I don't think I've seen ANY Woody Allen movies. I guess I should fix that :)

visiting from Alphabe-thursday

bluegrassnotes said...

Nice reminder of the long history of fun and entertainment from Woody.

mub said...

Alright, I have a confession... I think the only Woody Allen movie I've ever seen is Antz!

Jenny said...

It's Annie Hall for me!

And not just because that starts with the letter "A"!

Thanks for a fun post. I had forgotten quite a few of those movies!


Ralph said...

It has been awhile, but probably Hannah would be my favorite. Relationships and the drama and beauty of Manhattan (and a great apartment) captured well. Perhaps the Purple Rose, although that was bittersweet as fantasy and pretend were not really available as escape...

Gemma Wiseman said...

The Woody Allen movies are a dramatic romp through witty fun! Love this range of snapshots representing the Woody Allen phenomenon!

wifetoalineman02 said...

I have not seen that movie yet :-) I am sure it is a good one :-) Dropping by from RT2

Dianne said...

I love all Woody Allen's work
Annie Hall and Manhattan are probably my most favorite

Liza said...

My husband likes Woody Allen. I like Annie Hall.

My entries:
Moms...Check Nyo

chubskulit said...

Never seen any of those movies.

Red Roses for RT.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Lola and Nora,

I am another that is not really a fan of Woody Allen and have not seen any movies of his.
Probably should change that.

Hope that you are enjoying the week