April 7, 2011


Dear readers, I am participating in Alphabe-Thursday where ‘Z’ IS FOR ZZZZZ…… DO MOVIES SEND YOU TO SLEEP - OR WAKE YOU UP WITH A START?


The top ten biggest movie shocks of all time:

Bruce Willis's movie hit The Sixth Sense was last year declared the film with the biggest shock of all time. The film about a young boy who claims to "see dead people" features a pivotal moment in which the truth about Willis's character is revealed. It beat 50-year-old chiller Psycho in a poll to find the most shocking plot twist, commissioned to mark the release of Robert Pattinson's film Remember Me on DVD and Blu-Ray.

According to the poll, the top ten biggest movie shocks of all time are:

1. Sixth Sense (1999) - Bruce Willis's character is in fact dead (above & below).

2. Psycho (1960) - Norman Bates has dressed as his mother

3. The Usual Suspects (1995) - Kevin Spacey's character Verbal is actually the villain Keyser Soze.

4. The Empire Strikes Back (1980) - Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker's father.

5. Saw (2004) - Villain Jigsaw is alive and was just pretending to be dead throughout the film.

6. Fight Club (1999) - Ed Norton and Brad Pitt's characters are the same person.
7. The Wicker Man (1973) - Edward Woodward's Sgt Howie has been lured to become a sacrifice.
8. The Others (2001) - Grace Stewart (Nicole Kidman) and family are ghosts.

9. Se7en (1995) - Spacey's John Doe character has set up the plot to engineer his death.

10. Planet Of The Apes (1968) - The setting is planet Earth in the future.




PS Have a great weekend and see you for Ruby Tuesday!


Judie said...

"The Usual Suspects" is one of my all-time favorites! I have watched it many times.
"Shutter Island" kept me guessing. Is it too new to be on the list?

Cathy Kennedy said...

The Empire Strike Back is the only one I can comment on. This one definitely is very memorable for having such a shocking truth revealed. Loved it!

From your newest follower,
~Cathy Kennedy, Children's Author
The Tale of Ole Green Eyes

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fredamans said...

Great collection of movies, but no, they don't put me to zzz.


Christine said...

For sure #1,3 were total shockers. I had to watch Sixth Sense again just to see how I had missed the non interaction from the others around Bruce Willis.

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

Love love love all of those....

plot twists are just so much fun....

Sue said...

The first three are among my favorites!


tania said...

So enjoyed all those movies - thanks for the memories! :D

Holly said...

Sixth Sense is my all time favorite! ;-)

Bonnie said...

I loved the Sixth Sense. I never saw The Others but wanted to. I loved watching Planet of the Apes when I was a kid but I can't remember the ending.. I'm going to have to look that one up.
Nice Z post!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Nora and Lola,

Great question... and a good collection of movies here.
My husband always judges if I enjoy the movie or not. I will doze off to sleep which is occasionally if I am not interested.

Happy weekend

5thsister said...

I would have to say I agree with The 6th Sense being at the number one slot. However, with that said I have to admit to not having seen many of the others on the list.

Barbara Rosenzweig said...

Thanks for the memories!

edenhills said...

I'm not big on scary movies. That list looks very scary. Planet of the Apes is enough to give me nightmares.


Michelle said...

Super post - selection spot on! :-)

Jan said...

Loved Psycho & Usual Suspects! Love being scared...!

Jenny said...

I can really get into a good movie, but if I'm sleep deprived, I'm out in five minutes!

Barbara Rosenzweig said...

Hi again Lola,

Thanks for visiting me!


Mike said...

Terrific selection of movies -great post! ;-)

Haute World said...

I enjoyed most of these movies and didn't see the 6th sense twist coming either. I did foresee both of Fincher's films (mainly because I had already read Fight Club and Se7en in general wasn't too surprising for me). Hope you're having a great weekend!

Jenny said...

How about "The Crying Game". That was one of the biggest shockers to me of all time.

It actually took me a few loooong moments to actually get it.

This was a fun post! My favorite movies are always the G or PG ones...and then I can never fall asleep because I am totally enchanted with the action!

Thank you for participating in Alphabe-Thursday this round. Your posts are always a breath of fresh air!


Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

hm...only have seen Planet of the Apes and Empire Strikes Back... And those were surprising elements...

(I love to watch movies...but have to admit that sometimes I find that I have nodded off! My hubby likes to bring that up and asks if I really, really am going to stay awake. One thing about dozing off...if we were to watch a movie again...I have found that there was something I had missed, so it's like watching a new movie! haha)

Blessings & Aloha!
...still behind in returning visits and wanted to say thank you for stopping over! Goodness...it's almaost time for another alphabe-thursday post!