February 4, 2009


Just back from trips to the UK, Cambodia, Laos and Northern Thailand - and what a difference in temperatures! As far as the UK leg was concerned, yes it was cold. Very cold. Our flights delayed and cancelled due to unprecedented snowfalls. But then it can get cold here too. The snowfall in Barcelona and Almeria just before Christmas made the headlines on British TV - mainly for its uniqueness.

Living inland in Spain, of course, is a very different matter from living on the coast which any new residents will have found this winter. Granada, when the wind blows straight down off the Sierra Nevada, can be colder by far than, say, Birmingham on a cold February day. And as for those villages perched on hilltops - like Comares, just to give one instance - the narrow streets and whitewashed walls might be ideal for keeping out the heat in summer, but they must have been extremely damp and chilly this winter.

Though I doubt that any UK residents would have had much sympathy this past week...

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