January 11, 2009


The local paper this week led, not with the ongoing carnage and mayhem in Gaza, but with two news items of a quite different kind.

On the one hand, there were the full-page colour pictures of los Reyes Magos celebrations - each one a mini Rio carnival - taking place throughout Spain and costing millions of euros (left). And, on the other, the story of a British man identified as David George Bush, arrested in Malaga on January 6th on charges of alleged assault on his wife, Lady Diana.

The victim, named after the late Princess of Wales and from Ecuador, accused her husband of several episodes of violence, culminating at Christmas when she says he took their children to England, after first beating her up and changing the lock on the door, and threatening to break her leg. Lady Diana, who had been staying with the children at the house of a friend, changed the lock to gain access. When Bush returned earlier than expected from the UK, she alleges she found him again drilling the door to change the lock, watched by their crying children.

When I next see Sra Noriega, I’ll have to ask her if she knows this ‘Lady Diana’ since Sra Noriega prides herself on knowing all the local socialites. All the socialites worth knowing, that is …

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