October 9, 2008


Rushed back from exercising Lola to collect my books for the twice weekly Spanish class only to find Senora Noriega in floods of tears. She had in her hand (Senora Noriega doesn't do emails or even mobile phones) a document received from a (younger) male friend of hers. I couldn't stop to listen to all her woes but it seemed to have to do with the current financial crisis in the Spanish property market and simultaneous criminal investigations.

She said she would be seeing Juan Antonio this Saturday at a family wedding at Ronda when she would find out more. I was about to leave when she suddenly grabbed my arm and, somewhat uncharacteristically, asked if I would accompany her as she felt so upset since, as she put it,"Su perdida me afecta mucho". Hastily glancing at my watch, I agreed although as I ran up the stairs to our apartment, I remembered that would mean P looking after Lola for the duration. And Spanish weddings go on for hours - often overnight and well into the next day - and P is severely allergic to dog hair. He only has to be in a room where a dog has been and his eyes swell up and start streaming...

As he drove me to Spanish at the local Ayuntamiento, I thought it politic not to bring up the issue of Lola just at that moment particularly as P and I are currently engaged in an ongoing dispute about another issue of rather greater importance than Lola's welfare. Namely whether or not we remain in Spain. Or, to put it more bluntly, whether or not I do.

More on this when I get back from the weekend's wedding.

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